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Northern Beaches Mechanics

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Caltrocity, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone, new here.
    Bought a MC19 CBR250R last month and broke down a few days later after buying it. Wouldn't turn on. Left it for about 2-3 weeks (no money, life of a student lel) and got a mate over to replace spark plugs, charge battery and flush coolant. The bike didn't start initially but after a few hours started and idled well for over half an hour. I went back downstairs and found it to be running hot (on H) with white smoke coming out the exhaust. The garage stunk of fumes. Just like when it broke down. When I turned it back and the temperature quickly rose to about half way (probably should have red H) the fan wasn't running. But I suspect a dodgy head gasket.

    So does anyone know the best mechanic on the northern beaches. Although I don't have much money I'd rather get the most experienced person look at it and diagnose or fix quickly rather than some twerp to fiddle and charge me buckets. Quick vid below.
    Thanks for your time.

  2. Lloyd Penn in Artarmon is someone I'm happy to recommend, if that's close enough for you. He runs a great outfit there and specialises in Japanese bikes. Plenty of experience, no twerps.
  3. Llyod Penn is a solid mechanic. I'd go him even if it was a bit of a trip.

    Two other choices up your way. Motorcycle weaponry and APW in brookvale. The first is a bit better than the second, and they're both cheaper than Lloyd, but you get what you pay for.

    Bad news for ya though. That probably is a bad head gasket by the sounds of things, and that is not a cheap job. They've got to tear the bastard down. So cost of work is probably around 500 plus the gasket, plus rocker cover gasket, maybe 650 give or take. Depends who does the job. Llyod will likely get the job done quicker than the others, but his labour is more expensive. Most you're looking at would be 800, but dont be surprised if they find other shit that needs work (while they're in there, may be worth while replacing piston rings, or maybe a rebore is necessary, maybe valves are cactus, etc).

    Good way to confirm if your head gasket is gone is to let the bike cool off, pop the radiator pressure cap, then start her up. You'll see the fluid in the overflow bubbling if gas is escaping into the water jackets. Fluid should go a murky brown over time as well.

    Good luck with it, anyway.
  4. Hi there, another vote for Motorcycle Weaponry in Mona Vale. They do good work and don't charge the earth. I couldn't tell you if they're the best, they're the only ones I've been to.
  5. Thanks for the recommendations. I think I'll go to motorcycle weaponry in Mona Vale. I'll just get a compression test and their thoughts. If it's just the headgasket I have a friend that is willing to help out. If the motor is toast I might just sell it and save for a newer bike. Would I even get $1000 for a MC19 with a stuff motor
  6. If you're willing to do it yourself, might as well. Good money that it's the headgasket. Possibly there is a crack in the cylinder lining, but that's pretty fcuken remote. Leak down test would confirm.

    MW is a solid place anyhow. You won't get bent over backwards for just getting a test done.
    You might be able to get $1K for it if you play the ebay game with a bit of patience. People buy them for parts and projects. A registered frame is worth something.