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Featured NSW North Sydney - Denison St Parking fine

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ameoba, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Booked for being on the footpath near the pedestrian crossing between officeworks and the tower square. Me and others have been parking there for months. I'm guessing they finally decided the electrical access door needed to be clear, so I'm guessing there will be little chance they will listen to a challenge. Just annoyed they waited this long to let me know we weren't to be there and also worth warning others they now care apparently. Has anyone else been booked on the path in this street?

    I'm not a fan of getting there early, any other suggestions for parking spots I won't get fined in and still available at 8:30am in north Sydney, preferably near North Point.

  2. Corner Angelo and Berry Street - 4 spots

    There's also a Wilsons parkade corner Berry and Walker - any possibility of slipping in there?
  3. Well not wanting to give away my spot as I don't go there too often these days...lean in closely AmeobaAmeoba ...
    Greenwood plaza...as long as you don't park in a car space, don't impede pedestrian entries or interfere with access to firedoors/equipment you can duck around the boom and park in there all day...
    Haven't done it recently though.
    Few spots opposite Mary McKillop and a shitload 30+ spaces unmetered on an incredibly steep slope at Elizabeth Plaza...nearly shat myself trying to park there on my L's in the very early days, sure I entertained the office workers watching me overthink it...was terrified I was going to start a Mexican wave of bike and scoots...gave up and paid $65 to park at Wilsons underneath NSW health :(

    An excellent site is www.mcnetwork.com.au/park.php great resource :)
    Bummer about the fine but they don't muck around over there...
  4. What about down the hill below Hungry Jacks,there is a good 20mitre of bike parking
  5. That huge row near hungry jacks, opposite subway is always full when I get there it seams.

    I've seen that hill, avoided it while on the P's might give it another shot. Looks like you could get parked in there as well.

    I think I'll check out angelo and see if it's still open when I get there.
  6. You can also try McLaren St either side of Miller St, there are a number of parks which are Bike only and it is only a block or two from Northpoint