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North Sydney Bike Parking

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by NitrousOxide, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Hi how are ya'll? Excellent

    I work in North Sydney and plan to commute there on my sweet ride :)P) soon. Within range of Walker Street there are 5 bike bays (opposite Westpac, in the alley way next to Commbank, behind the TAB, opposite 7/11 and on Little Walker Street next to the car park exits).

    For anyone that works and rides to North Sydney how early do you turn up to get a spot in any of these bays? and when you do arrive are the bays full?

    I dont want to turn up and have to pay parking because my bike obstructs a parking spot.

    Searching "North Sydney" in the search function proved useless :|

    Please help. Thanks :)
  2. Hi Nitrous

    Generally most of the parking ,except for the "hill" (alley way next to Commbank), gets filled up by 8am. The hill the is last resort for me. Don't like parking there at all.
  3. However there is other parking bays around north sydney, eg towards the bowling clubc, in streets off the pacific hwy. You migth have to walk 5mins to walk but that aint bad considering the parking is free
  4. Thanks for the reply.

    Regarding hill street, why do people not like hill street? Is that because everyone piles their bike and blocks everyone else? Or is it because of the steep hill?

    On my work break :p

  5. I park in the bay near the tab, its usually starting to get full by 7.30 if its a nice day :) if its raining....less busy