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NSW North Sydney, bike check please

Discussion in 'Wanted' at netrider.net.au started by Brett, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Would somebody be able to do an old injured bloke a favour and check out a CB400 I have seen for sale?
    It is located in Cremorne and claims very low kilometres.
    Even just a good visual check and maybe check out any service record paperwork.
    If you feel it is needed I would get a mechanic to check it (recommendations for who would be great) but basically want to check out if it is legit.
    If it seems good I might fly up next week to get it and ride it back to Melbourne - assuming the doc gives me the all clear to ride again on Monday. (I have a broken collarbone that should be healed)

    I am very cash poor so all I can offer is a reciprocal favour if you needed any help from the Melbourne area - bike related or not.

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  3. I'll no expert but I'll do it for a wristy in the carpark later.

    BrettBrett ive got heaps of work on lately mate, might be able to find some time Friday afternoon between 4:00 and 5:30, or Monday afternoon from 4:00

    What do you want to know? I can give it a once over, generally when I'm shopping for secondhanders I try and see if it looks like it's been dropped, check break pad wear, estimate chain and sprocket wear (Again im no expert but I'll look at chain tension and sprocket wear and see how I feel about the general maintenance of this aspect of the bike...), check if head stem bearings loose or notchy, see what tyres and how much tread (warning my tyre interpretation skills leave a lot to be desired), check handlebar grips and levers for movement/looseness, then check fluid levels and do a cold start, idle for a few minutes and give it a little rev to check throttle operation and check for looseness etc, and if the seller allows I test ride it and see how it feels and sounds, check clutch and gear pedal function, if the gearbox seems alright shuffling through the gears and back, how easy it is to find neutral and how easy it is to accidentally slam it in neutral when you're looking for second, and the obligatory "how light is the front wheel" test ride test :p

    I like to check the general condition of the bike, and to get a feel for whether it's dirty in general or if it gets regularly cleaned and looked after and is just in between cleans, or has been generally neglected and only immaculately detailed once for the upcoming sale. It's hard with LAMS bikes because a lot of them get totally flogged, and a lot of them again get ridden so gently, and sometimes it's hard to tell...

    Anyway write me a list of shit you want looked at and PM me the sellers number (or show me the ad or whatever) and I'll try and organise a peek later this week or early next week if that suits.
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  4. Brett, you can send me the list to if you like. If Steve can't make it I can go over and have a look on the weekend.

    Steve probably knows more than I do but as a previous owner and long time bike shop lurker I know what to look for (Steve just told everyone anyway).
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  5. Thanks Steve VtecSteve Vtec
    That kind of stuff sounds great.
    In theory it should be good as it supposedly has only done 2500 ks - however it is a November 2010 model and that seems pretty low - maybe too good to be true - which I guess is the main thing that needs to be sussed out first. I have heard of Control panels being replaced from damage and therefore the bike kms are reset - maybe I am being paranoid.
    If it hasnt been used much it probably has the original tyres which means they are 6 years old and may need to be replaced which I am allowing for. After seeing them advice on whether I should do it before the ride back or whether they can wait might be useful.

    He has it on 2 sites - one at $10k and one at $9k - and on the phone said he would take $8k. Hoping to maybe get it to $7k and it should be a good buy if all ok.

    Here are the links -

    Honda CB400 ABS one owner purchased on 16th November 2010 | Motorcycles | Gumtree Australia North Sydney Area - Cremorne | 1120391505

    2011 Honda CB400 ABS for sale

    I can message you the phone number.
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  6. Have you looked at the one in Vic for $6K? Would save a lot of hassle perhaps

    Being black in colour it presents extremely well, BRAND new front tyre, and rear is 80%!
    Extras include oggy knobs, a quality cargo bag and rack, and GPS / Tom Tom. Further it has a new lightweight battery. Brakes, tyres, and running gear are all in VGC.
    The bike is located in Camberwell, has NEVER been dropped or scratched, and has only had two female owners. It presents like a very late model bike, and there is nothing that needs doing.

    With a genuine 17,600 kilometres on the clock this bike is one of the best of its type and any inspection will not disappoint. I encourage any mechanical inspection.
  7. Yes I looked at that one about 4 weeks ago and it got sold to someone else about 3 weeks ago - I have no idea why he hasnt taken the ad down.
    If it fell through he had my number so I doubt it is still there.
  8. Trying to decide between 2 bikes now - if anyone could help with opinions I have posted details here - Honda CB400
  9. You may have already looked Brett, but have you considered THIS ONE. It has the tyres you want, the rims you like, heated grips, is a lot cheaper and is located west of Melbourne. Belongs to a fellow Netrider too and he looks after his bike.
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  10. Thanks.
    Yes I have been on a couple of rides with him - knew he was selling it.
    I am just not keen on the TRi colour models.
  11. Hey chillibuttonchillibutton
    Thanks - but I am keen on the ABS models - and think I am sold on the Adelaide one - it fits my requirements and I just like the look of it. It is a new thing for me to buy something on how it looks and feels to me as I usually go too much into my head and overanalise things.
    I have managed to negotiate a good price on the phone and think I will call him and put a deposit on it as soon as my xrays and doc gives me the all clear on Monday morning.
    By the way - you tagged the wrong Brett. :)
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  12. Bloody auto-fill
  13. Good luck Brett. Hope it works out.
  14. Definitely decided on the bike in Adelaide - flying over on Wednesday to ride it back.
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  15. I only had to go to Toorak to get mine :pompous:

    Congrats, enjoy the ride back.
  16. Any chance you're coming back via GOR to be able to give us an update on the road??

    Have a great trip Brett and hopefully no hassles at the airport with all that hidden hardware :cool:

    Enjoy your new toy (y)
  17. Not this trip - but I am headed back that way in about 10 days to go to a wedding in Mt Gambier.
  18. No probs, by then it might be a better run, hopefully.
  19. Thats not much fun. :p