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North Ride 18/6 (Tomorrow)

Discussion in 'QLD' started by jlyon9, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Have to go up to Nambour tomorrow to check out a bike for a mate in Syd, thought i'd make a ride out of it.

    Got a mate coming along on his new thou so pace will be moderate -> fast (probably more on the moderate side).

    Here is the route planned, anyone can come along. Will be leaving early as he needs to be back to Brisbane by 12. So if you'd like to come we can meet at Ashgrove at 6:45/7am.


    Anyone who'se familiar with these roads i'd love your feedback on the route. Not sure about taking Ahems Road, but I wanted to cut up the side and come back along Obi Obi Road (never been, heard its good). Is the surface ok for a road bike? Really not keen on any gravel/offroad excursions.

    EDIT: change of route. At the end of Brisbane-Woodford/Mount Mee Road, will be turning right onto D'Aguilar Hwy and coming back to Brisbane as I don't need to go to Nambour anymore. Route has been updated. Departure time now 745/8am from Ashgrove.

  2. arrival time back in brissy will be?
  3. Damm - missed it. And i was working the afternoon shifts, so it wouldve worked out well for a quick ride for me too.

    Next time !!!
  4. No worries mate ill try give a bit more notice next time :)
  5. Its ok, I had bought a new surround surround amp on the friday , and was spending that saturday morning setting it all up anyway... lol
  6. Anyone keen for this ride on Saturday (9th)?

    Im at Taigum, so going by the route on the map , I could probably head over to Keperra or Ferny Hills to meet up.