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North Korean stealth paint

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by quietman, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/08/23/2991075.htm

    Now THIS is bloody interesting .... wonder HTF it works (and how they came up with it before the yanks did).

  2. It's Kim Jong-Il's excuse for not having any. "Nah, nah, you just can't see 'em on the radio, coz I've painted them with my special invisible paint, but I've got loads of em. No bullshit."
  3. I've got a couple of million bucks waiting for me in Nigeria, no really......
  4. Im so getting my car resprayed. Let me just call up Kimmy and get some...
  5. Old news


    They've caught up to WW2 technology.
  6. which Silent Hunter does not emulate very well!
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    He's so lonely he's making up stuff to get more attention... [media=youtube]xh_9QhRzJEs[/media]
  8. Yeah, he can't feed his people but goddammit, they're at the forefront of military technology.

    I love the cynicism here!
  9. There's plenty of places that sell it - no guarantees as to effectiveness though. I believe that it's extremely heavy and requires a very thick coat.


    There's also radar absorbing car bras and a radar absorbing "stealth wax" - something I have grave doubts about it actually working...
  10. And on the subject of North Korea a former lecturer of mine (who I later did some work for) is a retired military type.

    He used to organise study tours of various parts of Asia. One he organised was of North Korea. When he arrived they greeted him not by his name or his by "Doctor" but by his military rank "Colonel". (He'd been out of the army for 15 years working as an academic by then). They'd obviously done their homework.

    At one point the bus was driving along a highway when it was stopped while a military exercise took place. The front of a large hill slid aside and several aircraft flew out. It was obviously an exercise designed to impress the foreigners. He described it as like a scene out of a bad movie with the secret base of the evil mastermind seeking world domination. :)
  11. That's pretty funny... but awesome at the same time!

    I hope they had lots of guys running around in brightly coloured jumpsuits as well.
  12. a couple months ago, Kimmy declared his people had finally perfected nuclear fusion.
    I call bullshit on his paint.
  13. Speaking of invisible paint, I remember reading an article a few years ago about research going into arranging nanotubes such that they can bend light, so that it will go around an object, in effect making it 'invisible'. No idea if it ever went anywhere.
  14. Fixed ;)
  15. I think it made it to the prototype stage on a few tanks... but think they gave up on the invisible tank when they realised eveybody could still see the tracks and smoke magicly appearing from nowhere :LOL:

    And what's NK going to do next, wrap a navy ship in a giant magnetic coil to make it invisible?
  16. Ummm I believe the problem with doing that is the ship disappears then reappears with half the crew dead..... :)
  17. Saves them from haveing to shoot them for failing afterwards.


    except for the 2 blokes that go to the future and bring back secret weapons... like heliopters... and aluminion cans.
  18. And sliced bread.