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North Korea, second happiest nation on Earth

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. http://www.globalpost.com/dispatche...north-korea-the-worlds-second-happiest-nation

    North Korea, the world's second happiest nation...
    … according to North Korea

    China is the world's happiest nation, followed by North Korea, according to recently released North Korean government research.

    The blissful top five is rounded out by Cuba, Venezuela and Iran, reports the International Business Times, which picked up the news from Chinese-language outlet Chaoxian.

    How merry is the U.S.? It placed more or less dead last at 203rd.
  2. Links to real article and the list?
  3. So their media is slanted, patriotic, propaganda filled and not taken too seriously by most people outside the country. Just like the Americans, really...
  4. Without trying to sound like a flag toting redneck, I'm just going to say "communist propaganda" and move on.
  5. fixed.
  6. That's it! If the Liberals win the next election, I'm moving to North Korea.
  7. Erm..Nth Korea is a place I stay WELL clear of !
    If you all must know, when flying near their airspace (Sth Korea), any 'accidental' intrusion into their airspace is met by tracer rounds, as warning shots.
    If an aircraft ignores these and continues to fly in their airspace (not hard to do due to the very close proximity) they are shot down. No questions asked.
    Perhaps THIS is why they are rather happy ?!
  8. Seriously? have commercial flights been shot at ?
  9. The Ruskies did in the 80's, Korean Airlines IIRC
  10. And there was the Iranian airliner that got shot down in the Middle East. Can't think who did that though.
  11. I think a lot of the American media is quite good, isn't it?
  12. I don't think Australia is in any position to point fingers at anyone's media TBH.
  13. Yes, I know. I was taking the piss but couldn't find the taking the piss emoticon.
  14. Your sarcasm-fu is waning.

    There we go. :D
  15. Would the pilots have been able to paint a little flag under the cockpit even though it was a civillian airliner?
  16. I've flown Air Koryo on the odd occasion. Definitely "cross your fingers" type flights.
  17. I heard of tracer rounds being fired upon an intruding aircraft once. Not sure what the outcome was (I suspect they did a quick 180 !!!) but it's written in clear bold writing on certain documentation pertaining to operations into South Korea (Incheon Int Airport).

    The Nth Koreans have a point to prove, and they won't hold back in doing do.

    Digressing a little, I once heard an F-15 issuing the 'final spill' to an airliner that crossed into Prohibited (Military) Airspace going into Los Angeles..or was it San Fran ? Twas about 6years ago during my regular 747 flights into Nth America...
    I could have sworn the radio suddenly died, with all aircraft in the vicinity focusing on the 'fighter jock's' stern instructions for the 'Unidentified Aircraft on radial/distance from etc etc' to exit that airspace immediately or 'you will be engaged'....
    The voices of the airliner (US carrier) were shaky, to say the least upon realising that call was aimed at them...
    I'll never forget that.
  18. It was a constant task of left-wingers in the 1960s to show that estimations of deaths in Soviet work camps were over-estimated. Clearly the media was engaged in biased reporting, and the many, many thousands of deaths were thousands less than the media claimed! American, and all mainstream western media, is as biased as any media controlled by any abusive totalitarian state.

    Except, it seems, in the opinion of people who have lived under such oppressive states. But then, cranky old eastern European men are just envious that they can't pull the chicks by donning a Che Guevara t-shirt. Besides, we can admire them for their peasant know-how, after all we're not racist, but let's not take them fully seriously.

    And while it's sometimes fashionable for hipsters to carry Solzhenitsyn under their arm...nobody actually reads him! That would be, like, so un-ironic!