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North-East melbourne rides

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Sir Lancelot, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Hi all! I can't post images/links yet, but I've got a few regular rides I do close to my home, take 1-2 hours depending where you go, but some seriously good roads! Just wondering where people generally go for quick burn on the weekends?
    I haven't been to the black spur yet, but I enjoy the roads I have been doing as it's close and it's a bit of a trip to get to the beginning of the spur.

    So, I'm in Greensborough - is anyone else out this way? The rides I've been doing start from here, out to Healsville, onto Toolangi, Kinglake, then further North, but you have to return after that because there's really no better roads further out that way. I've found the Heidelberg-Kinglake really quite dangerous - so learners steer clear of this! Actually saw a nutter on an R1 being chased by a Red Evo... not any of you nutters is it?!

    I'll put up a map soon - I think it's useful for those who want to get their cornering skills up. The further out you go, the less cars on the road, so there's a bit more freedom to test yourself.
  2. Hi Cbrconvert,

    Yes I am in Greensborough near the roundabout at the top of the hill on the bypass. The road my favourite short route is the Broadford, Strath Creek, Flowerdale, Whittlesea loop. Other wise for a bit longer Spur, Yea, Highlands, Seymour, Home.

    Even just the Yarambat to Whittlsea to Flowerdale and back is a good short run.

    For a gentle run to Kangaroo Ground then the Bend of Islands, Christmas Hills, Watsons Creek loop.

    Up to Whittlesea, across to Wallan then back down the Hig St and back through Doreen and Yarambat is a reasonable run. Although the last part is "mums in 4x4" territory so watch out for the normal 4x4 behaviour.
  3. They sound like some seriously decent rides, I'll have to check those out on the map, I'm not familiar with most of those suburbs/roads. I live right near the end of St. Helena (where it meets main st.)

    I was actually wanting to drive the Spur before I ride it, going to drag a few mates along for a cruise. (you guys won't hold it against me if I drive right?!)

    I've heard people mention the Reefton Spur? What roads are these?
  4. The Reefton is a bit more technically challenging than the Black spur and lots of assorted plastic bits of motorcycles down the edges of the road will testify. Just take it easy the first time. Once you get up the Black Spur continue on and take the turn off to Marysville.

    When you get to Marysville go through town and turn off towards Warburton, take the second turn off to Warburton, I think it is sign posted as Reefton.

    Map Linky

    In terms of driving the Spurs first maybe good idea but pull over in to the passing bays to let bikes get by as a courtesy to fellow bike riders :)

    Not sure if you are interested but there is a ride to Daylesford being organised for May 18th, fairly easy because it is meant to be an introduction to group riding and a social occasion.

    Daylesford Ride Link