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N/A | National North Carolina enacts the Motorcycle safety law - drivers finable for endangering motorcyclists.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Dec 5, 2011.

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    Beginner motorcyclists are often taught to drive defensively because the road is full of two-ton four-wheel weapons. More often than not, that two-ton car is a weapon metaphor is just that, a metaphor. But some car drivers have purposefully tried to hit motorcyclists.

    Earlier this year a man in Oakland purposefully swerved his van into a group of motorcyclists and killed one of them. And last Summer, a video surfaced of a truck trying to run a motorcyclists off the road.
    (Skip to the 2:20 mark to watch the incident.)


    Now North Carolina has passed the Motorcycle Safety Act, which would punish drivers who put motorcyclists in danger.

    According to the Greensboro.com, the new law would fine any driver who makes a motorcycle change lanes unsafely $200. If the movement causes any damage or personal injury, the fine will be increased to $500.

    These fines aren't going to deter any psycho who wants to harm a motorcyclist by running them off the road. But it may cause the majority of drivers, who are not psychos, to be more careful on the road.

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    Might not be a bad thing here.

  2. Don't see why we need more laws, these things are already illegal.
  3. ... and existing laws are not being adequately enforced anyway....
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  4. :? These are specific motorcycle related laws. Drivers are being made accountable to look after a specific vulnerable road user. We **do not** have laws like this.

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  5. I dont think punitive measures will help against incompetence, but perhaps maliciousness

    Just the other day I had a group of P platers in a car none too happy at my filtering past them, and they tried to wedge me in at the lights. High beams and everything as they tried to chase after me when the lights went green.
  6. If filtering was legitimised and rules like this came in, then that's exactly the kind of shit that would be infringeable.

    In Australia today you could try to get that cock charged with dangerous driving or similar, but the burden of proof it too high. It'd be easier to argue that they were using their vehicle in a threatening manner against a motorcycle if that law existed here.
  7. we DO have laws

    The offence of drive in a manner dangerous to the public (Section 42 (2) Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Act 1999) is committed by a person who drives a motor vehicle on a public road in a manner that is considered by the court as dangerous to the public.
    In a famous law case of McBride the court described what driving in a manner dangerous means (their words not ours):

    "This imports a quality in the speed or manner of driving which either intrinsically in all circumstances, or because of the particular circumstances surrounding the driving, is in a real sense potentially dangerous to a human being or human beings who as a member or as members of the public may be upon or in the vicinity of the roadway on which the driving is taking place. It may be, of course, that potential danger to property on or in the vicinity to that roadway would suffice to make the speed or manner of driving dangerous to the public"
  8. :? Is there an echo in the room? I already pointed to dangerous driving laws.

    Like I said, that's not going to pass a burden of proof and without a specific law that specifically covers a driver threatening a rider with their car, the existing laws aren't likely to generate any change.

    WTF is going on here? WTF are riders opposing a law that can lead to some positive social engineering? I despair for some of you guys.

    By way of example about how such laws can benefit a VRU, in the cycling dominated EU countries, they have a prima facie law that any collision between a car and a bicycle is considered automatically a driver's fault - irrespective of the circumstances - however if the driver feels agrieved they can take it to court. This has done a lot for cyclist safety as drivers do their best to avoid cyclists.
  9. maybe if fewer riders rode like there were no laws and they owned the road, there wouldn't be a need for laws to protect them......

    and while I'm at it, listen to the hyocrysy here; 'positive social engineering'

    so social engineering is a evil, except when it benefits us, then it's positive???

    words almost fail me
  10. <.<

    You're choosing to ignore all those studies that place Car drivers at fault for the majority of car/bike crashes then Hornet?
  11. Words should fail you more often.

    Drivers cause half of all motorcycle fatalities. There's been literally ZERO focus on that. Some new laws reinforcing the onus on drivers for looking out of VRU's is a positive, i.e, constructive, example of social engineering.

    Repetitive ad campaigns restating flawed and barely valid statements in order to dominate and control the populous for some cynical political purpose is what you'd call negative social engineering... or in your case, a good idea...
  12. Cmon Hornet, post #9 before you drop your usual troll grenade. Youre getting slow.
  13. For the record - at this very same intersection I have had a car (big surprise - more P platers) try to reverse into me when I pulled up behind them. No behaviour that could draw any attention to myself brought this on.

    There is a definite malicious attitude towards motorcyclists sometimes. A prejudice in the very definition of the word - pre judging before we have done anything.
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    Paul are you off your meds again? *sigh*
  15. Can I nip this one in the bud, d'you reckon?


    It's only a small matter of terminology, but I don't think there is any social engineering going on in this law. I think it simply about fairly applying justice where it has proved difficult to do so before.

    Maybe that's something you two could agree on?
  16. Perhaps positive social engineering wasn't the right term to use.

    I'm already on the side of the new law potentially providing an improved benefit for motorcyclists. I'd be happy for Hornet to come to this side of the discussion - he doesn't think that a law like this is needed though.

  17. This is exciting stuff. Americans use to appear to me as rather silly in so much of their ideology, but I'm increasingly seeing them as a rather progressive in certain respects. They sometimes make us look like a reactionary ex-convict colony by comparison.

    This law addresses a serious long-term issue. Even if it's just a re-iteration of other already present laws, it's important to recognise that the letter of the law - as in the words used - are really important in terms of reflecting values and communicating values that others need to abide by, even if they don't want to. It communicates to drivers that they are responsible for their negligent behaviour, even when they don't care (and as we know, it's not that SMIDSY doesn't see us, rather as often as not he just doesn't give a shit).
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    Ok, ok...the bikes were punting along, but keeping things tight and decently controlled. Yes, one did pass a truck across double lines. Oh shock horror! They should all die!

    Redneck in the truck was 10 times more dangerous! Amazingly this law is being introduced in Nth Carolina!! The tabbaco chewing, gun rack in the rear window, good 'ol boy, pick-up truck driving, land of rednecks! Amazing!
  19. Cmon Paul, in all your years of riding, you have never been run off the road by a ****wit in a car deliberately trying to get you.

    This law is a very good one, it is specific to motor cyclists and is clear cut,

    Dangerous driving laws, you need to prove it happened in the first place, Wish you luck old boy,

    We are not talking about hoon riders here, but all riders,
    A bloody law to protect us from the morons in cars and trucks can only be beneficial to all riders,

    If you cant see that, or believe it shouldnt be a law that is positive, Man, you have lost the plot, seriously,