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North Brisbane Track Working Bee

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by rpmorrell, Jul 31, 2008.


    This weekend (2nd & 3rd of August) at the North Brisbane Track.
    Mick Doohan Racing Complex; Raubers Road Northgate.
    It'll be your track to ride on soon!
    Saturday morning from 7am.

    Contact Fuj on 0405 418 193

    I'm chipping-in for Sunday
  2. Hi, can you tell we Mexicans a bit about this track?
  3. Sure thing. I was last there in May to lend a hand.
    It's situated next to the Gateway Motorway here on this Google Image
    The block is used by a number of clubs.
    The Motorcycle Sportsmen's Circuit will be in the left hand & bottom, un-used portion of the block.
    When i was last there we were sorting tyres for a tyre wall.

    The track will initially be for motard racing, & then it'll be surfaced for road & motard races & track nights.
    I'll take some pics on the w/e.
    When it's all done it'll be a great track the the club can have as & for their own. Presently we're having to try getting track time from Ipswich Kart Club's Track which will be getting especially difficult now that they're resurfacing.


  4. Goodonya. Another new track won't hurt a bit.