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North Brisbane Boys' Trip Report

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Oskar, May 20, 2012.


    Content Warning: Some readers may be offended by sections of the content. Just the bigoted ones (and I’m not talking moral bigotry)

    Names have been changed.

    Four of us (My old XJ900 Diversion, Andy’s K1200 BMW, Dave’s Aprilia Tuono V4 1000cc and Pete’s 96 Cu. Inch Harley complete with panniers and sissy bar) started out at 8.00 am on Saturday (If we can just get the Aprilia started).

    The Aprilia is running R/C airplane batteries for starting because the standard one sux. The Harley, complete with “running-boards”, is making scraping noises going around the local roundabouts but you get used to that. Fantastic weather, great riding conditions.

    First stop Boonah (fuel for the Aprilia) then out towards Rathdowney but turning right to that M/C heaven.. Kyogle. A pie for me, fuel for the Aprilia and off to Casino and then over to map 29.
    That run down to Grafton ....... if I was a cursing man I’d say “What #@*#% ride!” (too strong??) but I’m not, so I won’t.

    By this time my drugs were wearing off (Panadol and Nurofen for the flu that developed two days before and two days off work, but legit) I’m as crook as dog with shivers and shakes and the guys don’t want to stop for long. Oh, by the way, more fuel for the Aprilia.

    At this point I know I should have turned back at Kyogle for health reasons but, hey, I’m out there.

    Along the Gwydir to Glen Innes (fuel for “you-know-what”) and through the coldest place in the world (Gyra) and then “Hallelujah!” ..... Armidale.
    By the way the Aprilia’s picked up a puncture and thus a slow leak. We all top up so our tanks are full for the night (1˚C threatened for the o/n temp. We didn’t want condensation in the morning).

    The guys and me walk to the White Bull for dinner but I fall asleep in front of the fire so they ignore me and I miss out on dinner. I was too sick to eat anyway.
    They coax (wobble) me back to the Motel and I drop into bed with the heaters on full and a dose of my “drugs” at 7:30pm.
    Everyone’s in bed by 9:00pm but, next morning, Pete has the nerve to accuse me of snoring all night.

    Our thanks to the moteliers at The Alluna Motel in Armidale. Bike friendly, very friendly, amazingly clean and tidy units with new beds. A nice scrambled egg breakfast and a couple of cups of tea.

    It’s twice as warm as what they said it would be ..... liars..... it’s a sunny 2˚C. I wish I’ had a bit of cardboard to put under my a* jacket front. Anyway we’re all cold and we’re off along the Waterfalls Way.

    Dave says ”It’s 194km to Grafton and my tank’s dry at 200Ks”.
    Should be a nice bendy ride but .. what a shocker the road is up to and beyond Clouds Creek.
    It is tragic.
    Dave went into pot-hole in the middle of the road and we had to shine our torches down in there to see if he was OK (just kidding). He was.
    Andy’s front end dropped away on marbles on a new patch of manually laid tarmac but fortunately was able to get his foot down and muscled the K1200 into the rough.
    Pete and myself slipped a few times in the marbles but ended up OK.
    All that was at <20kph. Did I use some coarse language before?

    It settled down a bit after that and ended up a nice ride up to Grafton. Stopped at Nymboida for fuel and air for the Aprilia (It’s a slow leak).

    Some awful bits of road at times.
    Pete nearly came unstuck when that stupid giant Harley clutch case that hangs three feet out to the left snagged on one of those mounds of bitumen that seem to pop up in the middle of the lane. Threw him sideways nicely on a fairly tight left-hander at speed. But he coped and swore he’d never ride a Harley again (I made that bit up).
    The rest of the trip home via Murwillimbah was great and we got back home Brisbane North at about 4:30pm.

    Dave (not his real name) is actually, really good on the Aprilia and races it regularly interstate so he usually sets the pace (or rather we try to keep up). I hope Harley riders and Aprilia riders weren’t too offended, but I did warn you.

    Too long??? Too boring??? Please let me know.... it’s my first trip report.

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  2. Hi Oskar, amusing report but you need to learn about paragraphs and whitespace to make it easier to read. :)
  3. Ah Yes I'll edit them in. Good point.
  4. The paragraphing and spacing from "Word" don't seem to carry across.
    I'll remember that for next time.
  5. Any pics?
  6. Ahh the joys of long winter rides on country roads. Love the write up!
  7. One boring one of the four of us at the motel. Our group leader doesn't stop for anything, except fuel, that is.
  8. Gotta get some pics, if for no other reason except to put in the photo from your ride thread. be good to see where you've been as Im planning to head that direction later this year.

    Have fun