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Featured North Aceh (in Indonesia) hits mixed sexes hard

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by olympicwiz, May 11, 2015.

  1. Under the region's Sharia Law, the area has banned unmarried men and women from sharing motorcycles

    A local government in Indonesia's Aceh province has banned unmarried men and women from riding together on motorcycles because it "could lead to sinful acts" clearly against Islamic Sharia law.

    The ban is expected to affect more than 500,000 people.

    “Unmarried people sitting closely together on a motorcycle is clearly against Islamic Sharia as it could lead to sinful acts,” Fauzan Hamzah, a member of the regency’s legislature, told Agence France-Presse. “We will make efforts so that deeds which can lead to sin are eliminated gradually in North Aceh district.

    Aceh is the only province in the Muslim-dominated Indonesia that governs by Sharia law as part of a 2005 peace agreement, which ended a three-decade long separatist movement.

    It’s not yet known how unmarried couples in North Aceh will be punished if caught riding a motorbike together. Hamzah listed a number of punishments, ranging from a formal reprimand to fines and banishing people from their villages, all of which could be applied to the new regulations.

    The ban is scheduled to take effect in one year.

    Only two years ago, Aceh introduced a controversial new law banning women from sitting on motorcycles with their legs apart because it "provokes the male drivers".

    Source: International Business Times

    I guess I won't be heading there in a hurry...
  2. Sad where people are enslaved to lunatics...
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  3. "leading to sinful acts" used to be the sole premise for buying a Ducati. Some even went a step further by installing a length of garden hose down the middle of the pillion seat.
  4. Coffee is sinful?
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  5. No, it's repairing your motorcycle in public that's sinful.
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  6. Yes. Whilst Indonesia in generally is not a bad country, I too would stay away from Aceh province. Brunei is almost as bad.

    Sad to say Malaysia has moved towards that direction in the past 5 year too. I would say that Indo (with the exception of Aceh) is more moderate than Malaysia these days.
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  7. When all Indonesia goes down the Sharia route, Australia will be in big trouble....
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  8. #8 Geoff3DMN, May 11, 2015
    Last edited: May 11, 2015
    I think that's unlikely, most of western Indonesia is 'modernist Islam' and the majority of eastern Indonesia is Protestant (with pockets of Hinduism and Budism scattered around).

    But even if it did happen the Indonesians don't have the ability to project force significant distances beyond their border area. Basically they couldn't land enough troops here (or supply them once they were landed) to over whelm Australia's much smaller army.

    Of course we wouldn't be able to defeat them either, we lack the manpower to defeat an army even half their size but our Navy could make life difficult for them in some of their outer islands and our Hornets can be 300+ kms away from their islands and launch AGM-158A Air-to-Surface Stand-Off Missiles at military targets before they even knew we were there (we've been lacking this sort of capability since we retired the F-111 but that's no longer the case since the JASSM came on line) and if they tried to use commercial transports they'd be sunk before they got here.

    It wouldn't be as one sided as you're assuming Hornet (seriously) although I suspect we'd want to get up to speed on operating the Canberra Class LHDs in Aus only flottillas ASAP if it did happen.
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  9. We can ask the Japs really nicely to build us a few more of these.

    BAE_Australian Navy_LHD (2).

    And fly these.
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  10. The Canberra Class LHDs are Naventia designed (partly built in Spain and partly built in Australia), Japan had nothing to do with their design or construction.

    There is however strong speculation that the Japanese designed and built Sōryū-class submarine could be chosen for the Future Submarine Program although French and German designs remain in contention at this point.
  11. I assume that bloke and woman riding on the same motorcycle have to be married but the implication is, to each other.

    Oh, yeah, Sharia law, if they ain't married to each other, it probably counts as adultery, and wins a public stoning.
  12. Great world we live in
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  13. That's correct and I didn't say otherwise, my point was rather if we are to get them to build our subs we might as well get them to build us some more Canberra class while they are at it, that we can park off Indonesia somewhere.I have Google too don't ya know.
  14. Nations which have instituted Islamic laws (not really 'Sharia', though that's something of a debate within Islam) haven't so far been notably aggressive towards their neighbours. And though we're often pathetically obedient to the US, I doubt we'll go the American-style route and invade Indonesia to save it from itself.
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  15. That is the accepted theory, yes.

    Kinda like, the Japs can't get to Singapore.....
    The Germans can't get past the Maginot line....
    The Turks will run away when they see the invasion force at Gallipoli.

  16. I didn't have to Google it, I find ships and planes interesting so I had the information at hand.

    I'm not sure why we'd want to tow Naventia hulls to Japan for final fit out, are their ship yards really that much cheaper than Spain? I mean if we aren't going to do fit out ourselves surely it would be simpler to do it in Europe if we do indeed end up ordering a 3rd hull (which has been suggested).

    Such a 3rd hull could possibly be configured to carry the F35c carrier variant but that creates the issue that you only have a single fleet auxiliary carrier class vessel (you really need 2) which would bring us up to 4 hulls (unless you convert 1 of the existing hulls which then leaves only 1 LHD and the problem isn't solved it just shifts) and even if you go that way then you've only got a small number of F35c available for use at a particular location, probably not enough to be decisive.

    And 4 hulls is well beyond our available manning levels (even the Collins class subs are having that problem). IMO it's better to stay with 2 LHDs and perhaps look at drones for launch from the LHDs.
  17. And this is why anyone claiming to be from a religious political party will automatically go to the last in my voting preferences.
  18. I'm still waiting for the day that religious belief is classified as a mental illness.

    I'd much rather be "sane" than "saved"
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  19. I was in Banda Aceh there surfing before the tsunami and they had sepratists running around which invoked a large army presence.
    And once again it would be the wishes of a (powerful) minority that has forced sharia on the multitudes that just want to live their lives.

    Religion, what a hypocritical way to control the masses.
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