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normal fuel consumption?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by enzise, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. since owning the across i have filled up 4 times each time costing $10-$12, i ride it till the red light comes on and that is at aprox 120km/s. so im not good at maths but we can say i get about 120km/s for aprox 11litres petrol.

    does this sound like there is a problem, the bike is is fine condition runs smoothly, so not to sure.
  2. Thats about 9L/100km. Which is alright for a car.

    For bikes, esp a 250, should be closer to 4, if its older/you're heavy, maybe 5.
  3. My other half gets about 170'ks around town and maybe 180k's in the country before the red light comes on...and she's not light on the throttle :twisted: ...if your onlt getting 120k's out of it before the red light i would be looking into getting it checked out..as it's pretty low compared to how it should be
  4. im getting under 4 for my 1983 VT maybe more if i got of the throttle a bit. :twisted:
  5. It seems pretty low to me, you really should just crunch the numbers though.

    Every time you fill up, try to fill to the same point, take note of the K's on the trip meter (reset it every time you fuill up) and the number of litres.

    Then do the numbers to work out km/l, l/100km or MPG.

    My FJ gets 43 (5.5 l/100km) mpg on the highway, and about 38 (6) on average in town/highway.

    MickyB's vtr gets like 70 (3.3!!!) mpg round town. That's very approximate though, I didn't have much data to work that out.

    You really should be landing somewhere between 4 and 6 I'd think.

    The first place to look for excessive fuel use is your carbs. check the choke isn't sticking, and if ur mechanically inclined, grab some beer, queue up some music, pull the carbs out and strip em down and clean em. it's a great way to spend a Sunday arvo :p

  6. Sounds like you have a problem, my bike is not an across but I get 4 litres per 100 km all day everyday. Is it possibly leaking somewhere?
  7. nah havnt noticed any leaks.

    i do reset the km/s counter thingy every time i refill. i fill up to the same spot.

    i am quite heavy thought, 6foot 4 and bout 100kg's would that make it make sense?
  8. Your weight would influence it, but I'm not sure if thats entirely it..but it *could* be. Also depends on your revv range. My peak power is 8000-9000rpm but I cruise around @6500rpm-ish to be more fuel efficient. But when accelerating I just go nuts, I mean thats what bikes are for! :D
  9. yeah when cruising i try to sit at 5000 to 6000 but when taking off from lights or sumthing usually take it up to bout 10k.

    gotta get away from the cagers some how.
  10. if you have a unlubricated chain or if its dodgy it could also be a factor.
    I used to ride around with a real slack and dirty chaing and on average I would get 140-50 before having to refill.
    Ive since been looking after it and i get around the 170km mark.

    Another thing would also be tyre presure.
  11. does anyone know wat pressure the tyres shuld be at.

    also how do you clean the chain?

    i know noob question but wat can i say im a noob :(
  12. Try the search function :cool:
  13. If I recall correctly I got about 120-130 km to the red light. But going from full to the red light isn't 11 liters. Just fill the tank to exactly the same point each time you fill and note how many liters you added back in plus the km's on the trip meter (reset each time). I got about 13-14 km/l from mine.

    At current petrol prices you are probably putting in about 9 liters which means you are getting about what I got with mine.
  14. My friend is getting 15km/l (average) from his Across.
  15. And don't aim for 30km/l from a 250 motorbike. This figure is only true for scooters.
  16. back in my day bikes would get at least 12 winks to the guinea. that was before the metric system though.
  17. VTRs are more fuel efficient than Acrosses. Not a fair comparison.

    When I had my Across, I took off as quickly as I could to get away from the traffic, my average riding was suburbia with tonnes of lights, and I got about 165km to 11L.

    Of course, I'm about half your weight, but still... that's not great fuel efficiency you've got there. Although, my first 11L only got 138km, but that could have been coz I got stuck trying to get up the driveway for half an hour (gradually creeping up, stalling..)! then went to 140km (but hadn't started lane splitting at peak time).

    Get it checked, get them to show you how to look after your chain.
  18. I'd say it is that the throttle slide holders are worn and thus causing excessive fuel consumption and lack of performance.
  19. 390km 15 litres filled up last week on my GPX 250

    usually average about 300-340km per 15 litres

    was very impressed with last weeks efforts!

    that was mostly city riding and also some hills runs,

    few poser runs down the bay on a nice warm day...

    ill ask my mate who recently purchased an Across wat he is getting and post up the details.
  20. I am getting similar figures from my GPX250. Across is thirstier than GPX250 and most of the 250s around.