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Normal at last :) :) well sainly at least.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by fingz, May 18, 2005.

  1. :!: :!: pre warning :!: :!: My post venting post :eek:

    Well what a week its been, remember that bulging piece of flesh that was prodtruding out of my eyelid. ( dandenong ride ages ago) Well of all things to have in your eye i got stuck with a cyst. Last week finally me's off to eye spec, who cut it out from underneath, of course before he poked me with a 4cm needle....heheheh. Followed by a week of no computer no bike and female hell week of plotting of ways to dismember my staff mates including anyone who crossed my path......................AAhhhhhh doesn't that feel better.
    Apart from that im still around, bike got serviced, idling better now, he fixed it nicely. Had my first run on the eastern fwy on the weekend to coburb, wasn't as scary as i thought, apart from the minor sandwhich i nearly ended up in :shock: short version, left hand lane was ending, car behind in next lane accelerator so quickly in so little time,was like he was playing the game, im getting there first .
    didn't leave me with any room, car in front of me slowed down ...like there was anything in front of him?????
    Anyways it was a nice run all the same. one of questions that came to mind was the fact of a normal 250 crusier speed level of comfort. I kept thinking the poor bugger was going to blow if i pushed him to 100k/s
    The vibrations at 85-90 was just what i wanted to get views on with vibration feelings, is it normal.. stupid question i guess , but i dont fully know what is good for the bike and what is not.

    I did manage to sit on a varrying speed of 85-98ks ( my level of speed at the time) (although topoint out that you should be travelling at the same speed as the general flow of traffic in busyier roads)
    Just airing then again i was told the max speed (comfort) on my type of cruiser is about 120k/s
    Reply's welcome as this puzzles me

  2. fingz, sorry to hear bout the cyst and the near sandwich!! stupid non motorcycle riding car drivers striking again...

    Anyways about the Virago XV250's going past 100km/h... Its doable, but I wouldn't recommend it. You will be working that engine too hard at that speed and if you want to maintain a maximum engine life, you should really stick to 80 or 90 km/h, when you get your full licence, upgrade to a bigger capacity bike which will see you to 100km/h fairly easily without worrying if the piston will end up through the wall and into a car drivers head.

    My 600cc cruiser can go up to 120km/h (old man rode it) comfortably, and that is with 4 gears...but after that it gets a bit "how ya goin" and really doesn't feel right, like it wasn't designed to go much faster...plus there is no need for me to really go over 80km/h at the moment since I will only be getting my L's on the Monday after doing the course. Plus cruisers are for cruisin, if I wanted to go fast I'd get a Gixxer 750 ;) But Hondas rule so it would probably be VTR Firestorm or VFR Fireblade :)))
  3. I meant CBR Fireblade sorry!!! Thats a cruiser man trying to sound like he knows about sportsbikes :(
  4. Sorry to hear that a bugger of a cyst put you off the road but hope all is good now! About your bike firstly the only person responsible for your safety is YOU! expect what happened to be the norm allow for all emergencies Plan an escape route or diversionary tactic. Your bike (& I'm sure Karen Mizz ZZR will correct me if I'm wrong as she rode her Virago long & hard) is more than capable & probably more capable than you, no offence intended, God knows Bond has had to put up with a lot of babysitting me! After 15mths of riding Bond I'm now starting to find there are times when I wish he had more oomph in day to day commuting but on the country roads where I'm not familiar especially with corners I can't see thru I'm very grateful for his forgiving & very responsive nature! Don't rush it the time it takes to gain safe experience is worth every minute. Don't allow yourself to be pulled or pushed by anyone either on a bike or in a car. Your section of the lane belongs to you make sure you take control of it but be prepared to yield if it will keep you safe!
    p.s I rode behind you on Lids Mt Dande ride & you were travelling really well!
  5. glad your ok , i had a joke here to have a stir , but I removed it .
    glad your well :)
  6. Very wise Glen. Easy shot, but trouble, trouble, trouble.
  7. haha groberts03, actually i caught sight of it last night, was on the floor killing myself with laughter, my bro in law said something similar , we have wicked but perverted jokes all the time, so dont stress.
    bond girl non taken,, offence that is, i'm just throwing a few verbal thoughts in the air trying to wean out other people's thought and experiences. At the same time...exactly that... i dont want to push the engine too hard either.
    Cheers sue for your feedback.