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NSW Norbar Torque Wrench

Discussion in 'Non-Bike Stuff for Sale' started by icemaker, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. Putting up for sale my Norbar torque wrench. These are a quality tool and would be an excellent addition to any tool kit. The torque range is 1 - 20Nm and has a ratchet action, forward and reverse, with a 1/4" drive.
    Ive owned it for roughly 1.5 years and has been sporadically used. Its in great condition and I always wind it back down to 0 when Im done using it.
    Only reason Im selling is because I just bought a wrench with large torque range, which i needed.
    Asking $100 and happy to deliver anywhere in the Illawarra or can meet up somewhere that's convenient for Sydneysiders. Elsewhere postage will be charged accordingly. DSC_1075[1].JPG DSC_1077[1].JPG DSC_1080[1].JPG DSC_1081[1].JPG

  2. Let me have a look at the range i need and i'll get back to you
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  3. For perspective, most rear axle nuts are 80-90nm so you'll need a bigger torque wrench to do that kind of structural stuff. Always handy to have a little one for the small bits though.

    I've only got one torque wrench, I picked the middle one, 3/8" drive, which goes down to 20ish and up to 100ish nm's from memory... One day I'll have a set of three, 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch warren and brown deflecting beam torque wrenches but at a few hundred a pop I really don't do enough maintenance myself to warrant that kind of outrageous purchase. If you spend that much money on something it really needs to pay for itself or there's no point. One day when Im a grown up with a garage and permanently dismantled motorbikes and parts floating around, maybe then I'll get some nice gear haha
  4. I've got a sidchrome deflection beam that does 50nm to 200nm for all the big stuff. I just bought a Warren Brown that does 5nm to 100nm which is why I'm selling this one. It was annoying having the gap 20nm to 50nm.
    Steve VtecSteve Vtec I look at these tools as investments and if looked after will last a lifetime so dollars well spent IMO. I've spent way more on much worse and useless things in the past.
  5. Haha that's right. I look back on some weekends when I was younger and stupider and your bank account was up your nose and away it goes or another drink and down the sink or whatever, warren and brown is the way to go. The only thing those weekends did for me was cost more than a torque wrench, give me a headache, and I didn't even get to keep a torque wrench after. No thanks...

    Nice purchase mate. Mines an oil filled one and I just don't trust them to remain accurate with minimal use, and I'm not going to pay to get it calibrated... Better to just spend the money on a decent one that has no oil and is mechanically sound. I need some 3/8" drive Allen keys so I can torque up Allen bolts. I can only do what my socket set will allow at the moment, and it annoys me so much... Why can't they make Allen head bolts with a hexagonal outer instead of round? I'm sure those exist... I'll have to change up a few bolts on the firestorm to make it a little more practical