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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by GMAN, Jun 24, 2005.

    im heading to noosa,wondering if anyone can help me with activities i can do for a 4 day holiday.
    :shock: im staying @ noosa international :D

  2. Bringing your bike?
  3. swim
    walk through national park to devils gate (can't remember if that's the right name, but the nat park is at the end of the road past little beach)
    hire a jet ski in the river
    take a 4wd trip to the coloured sands
    swim some more
    laze on the beach
    swim at a different beach
    go sailing
    wander up and down hastings st with the rest of the victorians
    go to the tewantin (sp?) rsl for a beer and chat to diggers
  4. Do a Fraser Island tour....if you don't want to/can't afford to hire a 4WD then do one of the huge ugly 4WD bus thingys.

    Eumundi market on Sundays (if I remember correctly) worth a look, but aren't cheap.

    I always enjoyed walking through the National Park (there is a nudist beach in there somewhere :wink: ), but allow a whole day for a decent walk.

    Enjoy yourself...its one of my favourite holiday places!

    :D :D :D
  5. I went there at the start of this year with my missus and had a great time. EYE CANDY GALORE so you'll have atleast one thing to do. However here is a list of other things i'd recommend on only a 4 day stay:

    1)Eumundi Markets(Best markets you'll ever go to)
    2)Australia Zoo(Looks cheesy on the website but the zoo is awesome if you enjoy Zoo's. No cheese ball stuff at the zoo)
    3)Underwater World(It's like a bigger and better sydney aquarium and you can dive with the sharks for $160)
    4) Take a walk down the hill to hastings st and spend the day browsing the shops, going to the beach (very surprising the # of 20-28yo topless American tourists) and eating at the MASSIVE amount of Cafes and restaurants. (you thought melbourne was bad, wait till you see hastings st).
    5)Check out the National Parks or Fraser Island
    The first 3 would all involve at least a full day to get the most out of them. Underwater world is at Mooloolaba (~30mins by bus) and Australia zoo is at Beerwah (~45-1hr). You can organise to get on the buses from the bus terminal i've highlighted on the map (5 min walk down the hill from our resort). All the details will be provided in your room on the brochures or you can organise it at the front desk of your hotel.

    Map of bus bay[/url]
  6. forget going here, don't support a rich **** who forces his workers onto AWA's. fcuking scab :x
  7. Go do a quad bike tour :)
  8. Crikey! :eek:
  9. By that are you referring to an AWA as the Animal Welfare Act or Australian Workplace Agreement. I don't see the problem with either if your happy with the conditions stated. If your not then negotiate them.

    He's hardly a scab he put more money back into the conservation and welfare of animals then any other single person.
  10. sorry mate but i just don't agree. On an AWA you have to negotiate your working conditions with your employer by yourself and in secret and re-negotiate the terms each time your AWA expires. Most employers use AWAs on a take-it-or-leave-it basis, with no genuine opportunity to negotiate at all.
    AWAs cut sick leave, family leave, long service leave, penalty rates, increase hours in the workplace,
    create division and suspicion by including by operating in secrecy, attack equal pay for equal work, leave people to bargain individually with no collective strength behind their claims.

    You have to remember that when you negotiate an AWA you are on your own, usually against an employer who has an army of advisors to assist them.
    who'll stand up for you?
    do you understand the complexities of WorkCover and the OH&S Act?

    I can’t be bothered putting a huge thesis here (nor highjacking this thread even further) so have a look at a few sites, for instance try some union sites (yes I know they are the enemy) for a different view to that of Min Andrews and co. Here’s a good one on pay rates http://workers.labor.net.au/features/200506/b_tradeunion_awas.html and another if you could be bothered reading the whole thing http://yourdemocracy.net.au/drupal/?q=node/852 and this has heaps of info http://workers.labor.net.au/latest/

    None of these links are definitive, take a look around, but don’t be fooled by the federal government unnecessarily, the AWA picture is not as rosy as they would like you to believe.

    that's great that he puts so much money into animal welfare, but don't let stats fool you, he has a lot more money to put back in for starters (most of it made from animals)

    anyway, my point is, i wouldn't go there because he is a proponent of a system that is against my beliefs. i wouldn't support many people who bbq with the pm for that matter. you support people like him if you want, i prefer to call him a scab and keep my money out of his pockets

    (i know this will probably get me some flak, fair enough. pm me if you want)
  11. They were forced onto A Wild Animal?