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Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! :(

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ktulu, May 8, 2007.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/mercury/story/0,22884,21692700-5005940,00.html

    MALAYSIAN customs officials plan to send more than 196,000 cans of beer gurgling down the drain after confiscating them from a smuggling gang.

    The gang specialised in reselling duty-free drinks to pubs and grocers.

    Officials cannot auction off the beer because the sale would affect the domestic market, the Star newspaper said today.

    The massive haul is worth about 287,000 ringgit ($84,040) but that does not include unpaid duty and sales tax.

    The smugglers worked with freight forwarders and haulers over six months to obtain duty-free beers meant for shops in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, customs officials told the paper.

    Each of the 8,178 seized cartons was to have been sold for about a third of the market price, customs official Madrina Alwi said.

    But the plan went flat after customs officers raided an industrial estate where the beer was stored and caught two Myanmar nationals, the paper said.
  2. how quickly can you get on a plane ktulu?

    i reckon there'd be a few others who'd wanta help....
  3. It's gonna be ok man. this will make you feel better.
  4. how can they tip that down the drain? that's crazy!!
  5. Mate stop crying it's not like its VB or anything. :roll: :roll:
  6. They don't say what beer it is. It might even be . . . C. . C . . Coopers :cry: :cry: :cry:
  7. Pfft, VB isn't beer. its fcuking cat piss in a can, you and i both know it.
  8. Beer = :sick:

    It ALL tastes like cats p#ss!
  9. It's a south east asian country, it won't be wasted, it will be resold by a senior police officer on the black market!
    Alternatively, we can build a beer raft and float all that beer back like the loggers do.........if we got started now, and with a decent boat, we could float it right into Eden harbour!!!!!!!!!!

    Regards, Andrew.

  10. Obligatory "Soooo, you know what cats p#ss tastes like do you?" :p :grin:
  11. If selling it would upset the domestic beer market, why don't they export it?

    Seems a waste to pour it down the drain (unless it's VB of course).
  12. Yep..............................

    BEER! :p :LOL:
  13. why does everyone hate VB so much??

    normally - tooheys dry
    in a pot - carlton draught
    with a meal - corona (this is to restrict urself to 1 or 2)
    but on a reeeeeeeeeally hot day, or a night by the fire, can't go wrong with vic.

    my doona cover has something to say to all you haters: "drink me, i bet i taste worse than actual vic" :cool:

    now it's wine that tastes fekkin horrid.
  14. i question your nationality :p
  15. i know what cat piss tastes like.

    been feeding a homeless cat that sprays. one fate filled day i went out for 15mins and left my bourbony coke unattended. when i returned i thoughtlessly picked up my unguarded drink and swallowed a whole heap of terrortory.


    funny thing is, he never sprayed again. it's as if he truly did mark his territory.

    [was better than beer]

    stump it up! :cool:
  16. NObody has asked the most important question?

    Who owns the drain, is it for sale, and can I sit under the end of it!
  17. +1

    Something must have gone horribly wrong at the developmental stage.

    You should see someone about that, and soon. :p
  18. +1

    with the exception of Guinness.

    the rest can go down the drain for all i care :p

    Much more rewarding and fulfilling tasted can be had elsewhere.......like at the bottom of a bottle of 20yr single malt :twisted:
  19. Guinness is very tasty.

    In ireland that is its no good over here, even in the short trip from ireland to england the taste turns to shit.