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Nooooooooooo :( Wayne Bennett quits Broncos

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by vic, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Rugby league's longest club-coach partnership has ended with Brisbane mentor Wayne Bennett informing the Broncos playing squad this morning he will leave the club at the end of the season.

    Bennett, who won six premierships with the club, has been the only coach of the team, which entered the first-grade competition in 1988.

    The 58-year-old has not lost the zest for coaching and his resignation will add to the nervousness of Canterbury's Steve Folkes and St George Illawarra's Nathan Brown, who need to have strong seasons to preserve their positions.

    Bennett is expected to coach the New Zealand team in the centenary World Cup in October-November.

    The Sydney Morning Herald reported exclusively two weeks ago that Bennett would officially announce his plans at today's board meeting of the Broncos.

    His position with the Broncos owner, News Ltd, had become untenable.

    Bennett was contracted until the end of 2009. However, he requested a meeting with the Broncos' board last night, in which he asked members to accept his resignation - "something the board reluctantly did", a club statement said this morning.

    An announcement has been made at the Broncos' Red Hill headquarters - but Bennett was nowhere to be seen, with a club spokesman saying he would not comment to the media this morning.

    In a statement released to media this morning, Bennett said he informed members of the Broncos' board on December 10 last year of his intention to resign at the completion of this season.

    "I was requested to take a 'cooling-off period', which I agreed to," Bennett said.

    "If my position had not changed by the end of January 2008 it was agreed that my intentions would be made public after the scheduled board meeting on Tuesday, February 5.

    "Last night I officially informed the board of my resignation."

    Bennett said his time had come as coach of the Broncos - but not as a coach - indicating he would seek other coaching opportunities next year.

    Bennett told his players of his decision before training at the club's Red Hill headquarters where a swarm of media was gathered this morning.

    Several of the players expressed surprise and disappointment at the decision.

    "Wayne told us this morning," fullback Karmichael Hunt said.

    Boom forward Dave Taylor was one to express disappointment.

    "I'd be happier if he was staying at the club," said Taylor, who recently extended his contract to the end of next year.

    Bennett has also coached the Queensland Origin side to several series wins and coached Australia 16 times between 1998 and 2005.

  2. wouldnt hurt to have him at belmore!
  3. well past his used by date...............if not surrounded by GREAT players, he is an average and overated coach.
  4. start the count down 'til one of australias greatest halves also moves on.....
    that'd make you nervous, wouldnt it vic?
  5. Petro to the Panthers gave him a sphincter twitch ! :LOL:

    Go Panthers !

  6. Whatever he did at Brisbane, him being at St-Geroge Illawarra would be a PR disaster, even if it was coaching success. Playing no-speakies with the local media would be the kiss of death for the club.
  7. Who?? :? :grin:
  8. So Micky, are you organising another tipping comp this year so I can kick all ya butts again??? :LOL: :LOL:
  9. whereas, he is the perfect frontman for the doggies! (though i do love folkesy) one of the points the doggies could brush up on is their media attention :rofl:
  10. Yeah, what would Wayne do with Ben Roberts?
  11. play "no speakies" :grin:

    c'mon paul, he was clearly only defending himself, and the resist arrest & assault police etc. was purely due to the blows to the head he had recieved. Im sure if you ask him, he was just in the nightclub, minding his business having a quiet lemonade and was singled out from the crowd.
    i feel for the poor bugger :shock: <--severe sarcasm

    the best thing we have done in the off season is employ the coaching skills of joey, hopefully some of his problems with dope will rub off on the boys, and will curb their aggression, turning them in to peace loving hippies!

  12. 08 NR NRL Tipping Comp has been setup !

    Tipping Comp No. - 117660
    Password - storm

    Thought i'd get in early.

    Kahler !! . . your going down this year buddy !!!
  13. No-one wants them to be peace-loving hippies, but they just have too much money, too much time on their hands, too much pent up aggression and no idea of self-control, and that's not just the Doggies.

    I'm just wondering where Wayne would live; bet it wouldn't be in the heart of Belmore :LOL:.
  14. Ha! in the words of that famous (should've been nominated for acadamy award) film..............Bring it on!! :LOL:

    Hey Micky, post the link for everyone else or start another thread would be better. I am already registered and am going to kick ya butt!! :LOL: :LOL:
  15. Who? NRL?