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Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Scrambles, Mar 28, 2007.

  1. I think you've had too much...or not enough.

    Pray for me brother, I need to get new tyres sorted before I can come up...
  2. Fabulous stuff, scrambles. Am I to assume that your next trick will be a complementary collection of 'Yesses'???
  3. I love it. This reminds me of a crap computer game I had to review for a magazine once. It was one of those online shoot-em-up capture the flags ones, but it was getting tedious to everyone involved.

    Luckily, the developers had seen fit to put in a bunch of little voice clips. You could choose your character's voice, and then by hitting a few keys you could get a vocal "The enemy is attacking our base!" out to the others.

    I created a character called "The Refusor" with the most manly, chesty, heroic voice available, connected to a busy server, and started to refuse every command from my teammates.

    "Cover me!"

    "We're under attack! Send reinforcements!"

    "Protect the flag!"

    People started to join in, and before long, every serious attempt at teamwork was greeted with a chorus of refusal from all quarters. I laughed my head off about this for an hour or so, thought it may have been the funniest moment of my life.

    Just wanted to share that. ;)
  4. :busting:

  5. I'm covering the goat with virgins blood as we speak.

    You still need a place to camp, yeah? Just say the word (Banana).
  6. Getting some Pirellis on the Ghettotastic tomorrow, scrub them in on the way up, at least weaving might make the Hume more bearable. They're a softer compound so hopefully they wont be squared off before I get up there :p.