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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Banana.Monster, Mar 5, 2007.

  1. I just called up the RTA phone thing to try and book the pre L thing, no bookings till april 21st here, I asked for just Campbelltown, so there is still hope fora spot somewhere reletively closeby, its gonna suck picking up the bike in a week or two with no licence for a whole month :'(

  2. Hey Banana... Monster...

    Yeah, they are getting more and more popular now, I was going to book for 17th and 18th of March and when I called, they said it was full... I had to book the week after... this was just last week.

    Geez you've already gotten yourself a bike... haha nice
  3. A friend offered me an 89 GPX 250 for 1500, but it needs a screen and the battery is almost dead :S, gonna pick it up in a week or 2 and then I have to wait for the corse to open up :'(
  4. know how u feel bought ny bike 3 weeks ago got it home yesterday and dont get my lisence until next week and i booked in 2 mths ago.
  5. You might be able to get in earlier somewhere else or just keep calling up and hope for someone to cancel.
  6. Thats what Im planning to do. I thought it was strange, they say you cant pay over the phone, yo need to go nto an rta place to pay BUT you cant book from the rta place you need to use the phone :S.

    Anyways heres hoping a place will open up sooner :D
  7. also try and see if you can get into granville i know its a bit of a drive but its preety easy to get in
  8. I booked and paid over the phone for L's and P's (April 2), Granville (Clyde) was about 5 weeks wait (mid week), P's at St Ives about 5 weeks (again mid week. Do you have credit card?
  9. i waited 1 week at motorcycle motion.
  10. Ill try for areas close by first (cant drive myself :(...) the guy on the RTA phoneline thing for booking told me that i couldnt pay by phone, maybe I missunderstood.

    Ill have to look into doing it on a weekday like tuesday-wednesday ecause I get off school early those days.
  11. yer it sucks having a bike and not your license.. a weeks wait in-between for me, just had to stick to the dirt bike then sit on the road bike and imagine, whilst making vroom noises off course. lol :LOL:
  12. the longer you wait to book the longer it will take to do, you might just have to suffer and book now for april the 21st leave it even a day and you could see yourself doing it in may
  13. I had to suffer had my bike for 2 or 3 weeks with my new bike sitting in the garage and booked my pre-learners early Feb and only first weekend I could do them was the weekend that has just gone by.

    Now just got my L's today :grin: went out for a quick ride down the road on way back it started pouring down witch was scarey cause it was my very first time I rode my bike on the road. Gotta love having a line of cars behind you :p
  14. Yeah that was my understanding of it when i tried to book on the phone. They said go to the rta, then call back.
    I didnt think they did them midweek? Only weekends?
    Unless you mean go to the rta to pay?
    But if ctown is book, and it was pretty when i got in, then try around the area.
  15. If you don't have card, pay at RTA and get the slip.

    Book in as soon as you can. Keep in mind you can change it if an earlier one opens up (as long as it isn't within 48 hours of course), with no fee.
  16. ok I didnt know if they did them on weekdays or not.

    With that I will pay tomorrow and book the earliest day I can, but I will keep checking back too see if any places free up beforehand and swap into one of those :D
  17. Managed to get a booking for the 9th and 10th of april ( they DO do them on weekends :D) as it was the only one available before may Im doing it at Clyde :S, long way to go, one month to the day untill it starts :S
  18. I had to wait almost 2months for the course up at loftus tafe, starts in just over 2 weeks (24th and 25th)

    Im going to go pick my bike up right after i finish the course so i can atleast polish the thing before i do the theory on monday and get my L's.

    Times a ticking!
  19. I will probable just do the theory after the second day of the course if possible, if not the next day. either way the bike will be sitting in the garage for a good 3 weeks before I can legally ride it :(
  20. I'll be doing mine there a few days b4 that ! :grin:
    Good Luck! :)

    I know the wait it pretty bad lol