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Nooooo!!!! My visor!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by matt232, Jan 27, 2005.

  1. A large scratch has appearing on my tinted visor and I've got no idea how it occurred other than it happened between arriving and leaving work on Monday.

    Part of the scratch is directly in front of my left eye and is quite annoying, I'm starting to mentally flitter it out but it occasionally comes back into focus and annoys the hell out of me.

    Does anyone know any tricks at repairing the scratch? Deb suggested toothpaste today but thought the scratch was probably too big. Do you just polish the visor with the toothpaste? Any other ideas?

  2. Um... I can tell you what not to use. I had heaps of smashed bugs on my tinted visor, so I grabbed the Windex and sprayed & wiped... to my horror! the windex ate away at some of the tinted film :x totally annoyed with myself for doing that!
  3. have you used plexus on it? I noticed it helps with small scratches
  4. Hey Matt, same thing happened to me, but I actually know how I did it.
    Getting off my bike the other day I lifted my visor and proceeded towards my front door. Just as I got to the front door I dropped my key. I bent over forgetting I still had my helmet on and scraped my visor along the corner of my stupid brick vaneer home. TRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR is the sound I heard. Now I have a visor that looks like tribal tattoos that people got in the 90's. Looked cool then, but now?

    At least my helmet did it's job. Otherwise I would have had fatal lacerations to my forhead and nose which would have meant plastic surgery, and skin grafts from my ass to my face. Not a bad thing some might say.

    Sucks big time, BUT got to go down to Visors R Us and get me a noo one.

    Cheers all.

  5. Just recently been introduced to Plexus but Cowboy1600 and I have but one question now.....

    Is there anything that stuff can't do??
  6. You can use BRASO. Slightly more abrasive than toothpaste.
  7. You can buy Novus polish #2 from Novus windscreen repairs. Scuba Divers in North America swear by the stuff to repair scratches on their masks, and I have also read motorcycle related threads where they promote this stuff for visor scratches.

    I had one big scratch which is now a minor / unnoticable scratch (a small bottle is all you will need - cost is ~$25). However my visor is clear. Shouldn't be any different for tinted visors, but not sure what effect it would have on irridium.
  8. Answer is no, there's nearly nothing it cant do.


    But if your scratch is too deep/harsh/wide, plexus isn't gonna be able to help you.... Its just a polish after all, not Polyfilla :(
  9. Ditto
  10. There are different types of tinting, some are integral to the plastic, most are foil-covered, some are "spray-on" coatings.
    Any of the latter 2 is non-repairable/ patchable. Chemicals or anything remotely "grinding" (toothpaste/ screen-polishes etc.) are going to either chemically melt the visor/coating or scratch the rest of the surface area.

    new visor, I guess