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NOOO!! Water in the engine....

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by rodgonzbea, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Hi..
    I own an old, but very tidy kawasaki '92 zzr600, with 85k on the clock... till now have had a few issues, all cleared relatively simply (changed stator, reg/rec, rear shock collapsed and changed), and just when I thought things were sweet again, she started running hot, and "missing". Made it to work, then home, and checked in the morning.. and this lovely milky frothy stuff is looking at me through the oil glass. F***K. I drained the oil, which wasn't looking too bad.. I had ridden in some heavy rain on the way back.. and thought.. maybe.. somehow (magically.. you can hope), water got in through the air intake..
    Discussing with amate at work recommended I pour some Chemweld down the water intake, and run it hot, and swap the oil, if its a small crack.. maybe it'll fix it (I had done that in an old magna in my teen years and drove the bastard for a year after that.. )
    Bike was okay for about a week.. and then it happenned again.. got hot, run like it was missing a plug, and that white crap appeared again.

    Ive drained it again, poured some engine flush, more chemweld, it started beautifully and run well for like 20 mins, and.... you guessed it, got hot, again.

    Now, I was told sometimes you get leaks from the water pump.. I reckon I did the head gasket.. if not the block.

    The QUESTION... The bike starts and goes excellent, until it gets hot, then obviously the pressure puts the water through to the engine.. could I just hope that it was a gasket only??? How much do you reckon it may cost.. Im in Adelaide and mechanics and parts are really pricey. Boltons reckons at least 1600.. which it really is a bit much. I need the bike for work.. (and sanity), but with 5 little ones, to dump it for parts is not really an option, as I wont have the $$ to get another one.. How much do you guys reckon (roughly, of course) it would cost.. it is not seized, and with clean oil and coolant it pulls really nicely..
    til it goes white..

    Thank you..

  2. Yep, you've done the head gasket.

    Fairly straightforward job if you have the courage to tackle it.

    Get the workshop manual and a spare weekend.

    Head gasket for my 1987 FZR1000 was $100

    Quote for the job was around $1000
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  4. Let us know how you go and good luck!! always prefer to see work get done by people themselves and save their bikes rather than pay extortionate prices to proper shops who don't always do a very good job. Take your time and take everything slowly and there's no reason why you shouldn't come out on top!
  5. My money is on a failed water pump seal causing the water to get into the oil that way. It's an easy fix but pouring chemiweld in was a mistake. That shit clogs up everything to the shit house including your radiator.
  6. The head gasket is rooted. Given the value of a 92 ZZR with 85k on the clock, your best bet would be to buy a manual and fix it yourself.
  7. Head gasket. I don't think it could be the water pump seal due to you saying the bike is misfiring also when heating up. Using chemiweld is a temp fix and should only be used as a temp fix... As state above it can clog up radiators and pipes etc. You will save yourself a lot of money by doing the job yourself, but also at the same time giving yourself more knowledge about your bike and it's workings.... I suggest getting a manual an attacking it yourself, there's no better feeling then doing a big job like this an then firing it up and knowing you fixed it :).
  8. Pull the plugs and check them if there is a noticeable difference in colour between them you can just about guarantee you have a head gasket problem. Then do a compression test the compression should be very similar across all cylinders.
    Is the bike burning coolant?
  9. Yep, coolant getting burnt off.., and if you take the oil filling cap, you can see the white steam coming off as it gets warm..

    I have started looking at info on how to do the head gasket, i am not too bad with mechanical stuff, but by the same token I kind of know when not to stick my hand, Ive helped change a head gasket on a falcon, ages ago, and it wasn't that simple, and the engine is just there.. i am a bit worried about how difficult is going to be to work with the frame around and stuff. I reckon Ill start getting hold of the pressure gage to messure the compression, and its also a good excuse to get me a torque wrench!!
    See, once I stuffed up my SRX single cylinder (a 250) when I took the camshafts out and did not mark the position, so I could not get it back to the right timing. I followed the manual, lined the lines, but the I assembled it on the wrong piston cycle.. This engine is in comparison lots more complicated, and bigger, of course.. but might just give i a go...
    Thanks for the advice, Ill keep posting..