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Nooby - Suzuki Across 1990 Fair Price

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by frankd, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Hi all, this is my first post :)

    Im getting my L's soon and cant wait to ride with some of you members. None of my mates have bikes and wont be riding with me :(

    I am currently looking for my first bike to learn on which I have chosen Suzuki GSX250F Across.

    I am looking at a 1990 model owned from 2 lady owners:

    27000 km
    Minor damage to ferring on one side of bike but quite small
    Comes with 7mnths reg and rwc

    Bike looks really clean and have been told engine and gearbox in perfect condition.

    Would it be too expensive if I paid 4000 for it considering its a 1990. I thought as its only had 2 prev owners who has looked after it, might save me trouble in the future.

    ANy advice i would appreciate, thanks everyone!
  2. thats a fair price. depends on how much this damage actually is.

    rough guide. in awesome condition (like mine :cool: )they can be worth 5000. or 3000 for one with plenty of k's and a few scraches.

    as far as kms go. ive heard plenty of storys of theese donks going for ages with no probs

    if it looks good mechanically and astetically (ie you like the colour and dont feel like ur riding a POS farm bike) and you feel good riding it then go for it. Its all about having fun and feeling comfortable if this is the bike that does it for you then thats that.

    My 2 cents
  3. Welcome Frank :grin:

    That sounds pretty good to me, good price for the ol girl.
    You can also check out www.bikesales.com.au for average prices and to see if your on the right track.

    Dont worry about the scratched fairing, if you drop it you wont feel as bad :wink: Touch wood you dont :grin:

    Good luck with the buy
  4. Where are you at Frank????
    (Im guessing Vic?? 250cc)
  5. Im in Vic, the 250 doesnt bother me though, im looking forward to using the boot space for when I go to uni to put my books in there :)

    Thanks for your opinions guys, gonna make my purchase a lot easier :)
  6. $3000 IMO, wouldn't spend much more than 3300 max.
  7. $4000 is too much money for a 17 year old 250cc bike with cosmetic damage!
  8. Jared & luplet are right, $4000 is way too much, and I would not pay more than $3K for it and that is dependant upon how much damage there is. They are not a popular bike on the used market, and that is reflected in their sale prices you see around the place.
  9. I paid $4000 for my old Across and that had no scratches, and from a shop. Shops always inflate prices, so private sale should be cheaper than that.
  10. I would say with damage $3000 without $3500. Try and get them to come down.
  11. no more than $3000. I paid $3000 for mine and it's a 96', it had minor scratches from a drop. although, mine has 45000km's
  12. Not sure how much you should pay, but mine did about 130,000 km before stopping for no obvious reason. I then sold it and the guy who bought it from me got it going again. So they last for a while.

    But $4000 does sound like a lot for a 17 year old bike with damage.
  13. wow, so many responses so quick! Thanks for your input, great to see what you all paid for your sexc Across. It attracts me as its like a bright yellow colour and owner looks like they have kept it well.
    Great to know that they last a long time also, so kms shouldnt be too much of a bother if i buy one with more ks like 50k