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Noobs with high expectations

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by MiSe, Sep 17, 2016.

  1. hi!

    long time I haven't written a noob post.

    Novelty of facts, I went for my red Ps and was going really well, in fact no feet on the ground but managed to touch the last tennis ball of the last test and earning an immediate failure! so I'm still on my Ls!

    anyway we are in cairns and decided to get into bike hiring, we're both noobs so we didn't know how the rental would turn out, I've made it short and sweet...so if you don't have a full bike license or are on your Ls and really think 50cc suck this is what will end up being for you too!

    Moral lesson: there's no failure in trying ;)

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  2. gday MiSeMiSe and an official welcome to NR!

    I lived in TSV for a year back in '03 and I did a Stay Upright course at the go-kart track at Mareeba. it was about 35 degC and probably 80% humidity, what a great day it was.

    funny pic you posted!
  3. We're on a half work/ half holiday escape back in Sydney tomorrow but I think I went to the same go-kart track you went for a go-kart race wedding at Mareeba. Very chill atmosphere, lots of space, big roads, no traffic, fresh hot humid air and a nice biker scene with lots of cruisers :) makes me wish I had my own and came up here riding not by plane :)
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