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noobs ride - 14th or 15th April [West - Southwest]

Discussion in 'NSW' started by e, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. calling all Ls and Ps riders.
    who wants to go for a ride?
    Meet at Shell EC. 10.30am

    Ride to Campbelltown via Horsley Park, Cowpasture Rd then to Campbeltown rd. Nice ride.

    Practice Ps test at uni for a bit then head out to Lumeah shops for lunch

    - Robboo
    - Donshe
    - SuiCid3
    - gixxer
  2. If ur meeting at EC Shell, Im keen pending on where ur headed?
  3. EC shell sounds good..
  4. If it was the 8th or 9th id go but i wont be back from down the coast, unless camping gets canceled but the weather would have to be crap for that to happen lol
  5. ahh thats too bad grim. maybe next time then.

    Donshe not sure where we're heading just yet but we can get a consensus from everyone on the day.
  6. Yep next time for sure, you can count me in already :grin:
  7. oooo...i would come but i dont have a propper jacket yet :D feel like a badass when i ride with no jacket
  8. Oh no...I have something on that day.... :eek:
  9. SpRonG, just wear something with long sleeves. it should be fine.
    anyone got a spare jacket for sprong... what size are you mate?
  10. boobs ride? Oh hell yeah....what? Oh, wait....
  11. yeah i have long sleeve jackets but like i said B A D A S S :p ...and i think im low on engine oil but not sure depending on the weather and if i dont get too smashed up tonight i'll come.
  12. well if you need a tune up am located in the cabramatta area. and i dont charge as much as the shops
  13. Damn I thought this was SUnday. I really need to wake up.

    Anyway, I'll still be at EC Shell, but might have to peel off a little earlier to do some P's practice with a couple of other guys
  14. mate can you do carby balancing?
    also what about steering head bearing replacement?
  15. where you doin the Ps practice Donshe?
    Campbeltown uni has the course painted on the carpark.
    we might be heading towards there later in the afternoon, who knows.
  16. sorry to disappoint you Scrams! :LOL:
    although this is a possibility... never know who will turn up :shock:
  17. hmm well i went out to look for food in the arvo in my area and after 30mins of riding i found a stop i parked and got food. After my bike wouldnt start for a good ten minutes...i definately think i need to get some engine oil or even due for a service.

    So i dont think i can make it =S
  18. yes of course do carby syncronisation clean and replace if you like
  19. Hey evilr1 thanks for the service on my bike and the tune ups... my bike goes better now
    And thanks for respray on my tank... I like it :grin:
    Man you save me a lot off money and do better jobs than other places
    That will cost me $$$ neaps
  20. Oh bye the way EVILR1 I want some stickers for my bike,
    I got this hot design for my bike wonder if you can tell me the price and what you think of it... :wink:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.