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noob's review on a GS500F

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by msjrules03, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. It seems that alot of reviews are done by experienced riders, which is great they know more than the average learner, but at the same time they have ridden non learner legal bikes and higher CC bikes so they dont have the same experience as an average learner

    i thought i would share my experiences between my Hyosung GT250 and my GS500F

    I am not a pro rider, i am not the best at cornering,i am not the best at speeding, but then again what learner is.

    In the review i will be using my Hyosung 250 as a reference if anyone has a 250 and is thinking of getting a bigger CC engine for their P's.

    There is only a 2hour difference between when i rode the bikes, so there is no experince difference between the bikes

    On the hyosung I was not very confident cornering, whether it was because I didnt trust my hyosung bike completely or the unconfortable position on the Hyosung. I would slow down quite a bit for coners and would feel "unsafe" doing it. The GS500F was completely different however, i think knowing that the Bike had been around for 20years and is proven to be a good engine made me relax more on the bike, within the 1st 20mins of riding it i was doing 15KM/H around corners quicker, i felt alot more confortable riding and cornering. The hyosung probably isnt bad at handling, but if you dont trust your bike then I guess you cant handle it well. The GS500F was very forgiving unlike the Hyosung, I purposly made mistakes on the GS500F as no one was around if i went into thr wrong lane, and its amazing how well it reacts to the OH SHIT moments. Great confidence building which is key for learners

    I read alot of reviews about the GS500F, experience riders will say its Slow, but if you have only ever drove a 250CC there is a massive difference, it is na different class for learners. My 250 could handle doing 80 on roads and it went up hills without loosing too much speed, but it would have to revved pretty high todo 80 going up Mount Ousley in 4th and sometimes even drop to 3rd depending on weather. The GS500F was again a completely different story, I was doing 80 in 6th as i was coming upto Mount Ousley and thought i wonder how far it could get up here in 6th, after putting a few more rev's on i found that i was actually doing around 100KM/H flying up the Hill. I did eventually drop into 5th just to keep 80KM/H as i kept speeding up the hill in 6th and it was handling it fine, didnt feel like it wanted to shift down, didnt feel like it was slowing down it just kept eating the hill and asking for more. This was great if you have ever been up Mount Ousley and being a learner you stay in the Left lane or middle lane, i could keep the same gear whilst overtaking The trucks doing 20. This was also another confidence building task, not having to worry about gear meant i could concentrate on the Truck to the left the truck infront of me and the giant idiot doing 100km/h coming from behind me.

    This propably isnt a massive section for learners but might aswell put it in here for anyone that likes to get speeding tickets, but also because i think this is the biggest downfall for the GS500F. The hyosung sat happily at 80km/h screaming at you as if it wanted to be put into a non excistent 6th Gear. The GS500F would sit confortably at low revs on 80km/h in either 5th or 6th, the downfall is how easy it is too speed. A quick twist of the throttle in 6th doing 80 will take you too illegal speed almost instantaionously, the Speedo will climb quicker than the Rev metre moves. You will do an extra 20km/h and the rev metre will go from 3500 - 3700, so i think this is the biggest downfall for the bike, for some it may be a great thumb's up, but for the majority of learners that want to keep their license's it wont be

    not much too say here yet as i only rode from Wollongong to Sutherland on the GS500F, didnt have any problems with it yet, i will update this later as i am riding from Sutherland to Nowra so i should be able to see if the bike stays confrotable. As for the 250 confort isnt something that should be discussed unless you have a non stock seat.

    Night Vision:
    I do alot of riding at night, because i love the coolness and the fact no one is on the roads. The 250 was quite bad for Night time, Low beam barely covered a Metre in front of me, and high beam was like a cars Low Beam, so not helpful when you can't see around corners. The GS500F was definate improvement the Lights were alright on low beam, covered a decent area, the high beam is where i most impressed, it Felt more Car Like, i could see around corners thanks to the Width of the beam, and the Beam also went quite high so i could see the upcoming roads. I did have the lights checked out on the 250 and as Stock they were working perfectly.

    The 250 is a very stable bike loves to be upright and slow speeds it will stay up and not give you any troubles, the GS500F was very good aswell, i had a few shaky moments, but because i drove during the night i couldnt not tell if it was a Groove in the road my front tyre drove into, it was stable doing low speeds around wollongong, once i got the clutch right, so im hoping it was just a groove in the road.

    The GS500F mirrors are not attached to the handlebars, unlike the 250. So if you are turning left or right and have your wheel facing left/right you can still see behind you incase some idiot decides not to stop , i do like this as i always expect something bad to happen while im riding. The actual view of the mirrors on both bikes are good, you ofcourse have a blind spot to your right and left, nothing a quick head turn doesnt check.

    The GS500F is a suzuki, it felt good it felt solid and because it is heavier felt more stable, the 250 comet felt good aswell, but I for some reason didnt trust the bike, whether its the fact it was a Hyosung or because every rider I met had a story of Hyosungs build quality that propably was running in the back of my mind like a broken record whilst i was riding the bike.

    The Hyosung 250 was a great learner bike, it felt powerful and stable in a straight line, I never completely trusted the bike which made cornering abit more nerve racking that it should be. The GS500F I dont think would make a good beginning bike, the power is quite overwhelming and i have been riding for a year now, however if you are bored of a 250CC getting a 500CC or even a 650CC is worth it, it makes for a more enjoyable ride. The GS500F is quite good at inspiring you to be a ******** as its quick and has great handling, but if you can resist the urges it also makes for a great bike just to ride safely and legally.

    This is just my opinion on the bikes, i have ridden the Hyosung for a year and the GS500F for about 30mins. Of course i havent full tested the Suzuki yet, but the idea of this post is to inform fellow learners about the advantages and one MASSIVE disadvantage of upgrading from a 250CC. And i will be editing the post as i gain more experience on the Bike, hopefully i'll find more disadvantages than it likes to speed.

    Note: The power obviously wont feel powerful to people who have ridden supersport's like a GSXR600 or R6 or any of the other bikes, but for someone who has only ridden a 250CC bike or less, it is completly different

    3/9/2011 Update
    After doing more riding and the MOST test ill add a bit more about the bike

    The bike would rev once i used it for 10mins at 3500RPM, i was like omgwtf should i do, a quick google and i found that there is an IDLE adjustment dooda, after messing around for 20seconds i had my IDLE down to 1200RPM as recommended, The support for this bike with just a quick google is awesome if you have a problem a fix can be found quickly

    Handling #2:
    The slow maneuver for the MOST was not a problem for the bike, it was a problem for me as I am still getting accustomed to the bike, but once I did a few laps of U Turns and Right Angle turns I got them with minimal problems. It is also stable doing the UTURN and Slow maneuvers which is great.

    there really isnt not much too say that i haven't said, only problem being the HIGH RPM in IDLE, but that was most likely the Bike Stores fault for not adjusting it correctly, but it was an easy fix. Front suspension is quite springy,I dont know if the 2010 model changed it at all from previous ones, but i have yet to here a loud bang yet and i have been over some nice big bumps.

    All the extra riding that i have done, only been an extra 150km mind you, has just reinforced the good points i have made about the bike, still waiting for a massive DOWNFALL as all i can say about the bike is good, besides it likes speeding :D
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  2. msj (y)'s up for your effort in this report...

    I started on a GS500F and admit that the first few hours thought hey this thing has a bit.
    But you'll find bikes kind of shrink the more you ride them and you do get used to power quickly.
    Key with any bike is keep between the ears in control of your right wrist..

    I have nothing but praise for the GS as a first bike.
    Took my butt 32,000k in all condtions including some serious long hauls.
    2800K snowy over 4 days last year and Far riders ride (min of 1000k in a day) as example.

    Enough power during LAMS and beyond for many if you don't need to change over.

    Different machines...

  3. Picking my GS500F up on Sunday afternoon. Am therefore obsessively reading anything listing 'GS500' anywhere in the title/body/comments. So thank you for offering up something good!

    I've only ridden a GS500 for about 10 minutes at this stage, but this all fits with what I experienced and I'll add my more extended thoughts on Sunday.
  4. yeah i got mine last night, my face hurt when i got home from grinning too much, it probably isnt the best 500CC bike or even the best learner bike, but for the price it is amazingly good.

    only problem i currently have is letting off the clutch too quickly, my old bike's bite was around midway on the clutch, where as the GS500F bite is 90% Clutch off, but its something i'll get use too, just like buying a new manual car and driving it for the 1st time.

    ill be updating the post later tonight when i get to Nowra, should offer more insight into cruising for long distances and also ergonomics
  5. hey that can easily be adjusted at the lever..
    mine was the same which I changed to just past the half way point...

    Oh, and every time someone else serviced it, they'd put it back to 90% (as you put it)
    In the end, I started servicing it myself which brings me to another point.
    It's also one a good bike to learn self maintenance on too..
  6. I reckon the GS500 is one of the best learner bikes on the market. I have ridden a few lams bikes now, everytime a mate starts learning to ride I take their bikes for a spin. I reckon the GS500 is the best value for money, its so cheap for what you get and its fuken bullet proof.

    I started on a GS500F, and I still ride mine almost every single day as a commuter, and probably will do for a while yet.
  7. by the time i got the bike yesterday it was dark so i couldn't adjust too much, but i think ill keep it there just so when i goes back for its 1000km service i wont have to readjust it, lazyness is awesome

    also i'm deciding if i should get Screaming Demon Exhaust for it, or get some imported from USA.
  8. Its funny how the clutch is mentioned. A mate of mine who is learning to ride uses my gs500 on weekends and he reckons the clutch is to far out as well. Never was a problem for me.
  9. Yeah why do they do that??

    I recently had my front sprocket changed & when I left the mechanics the clutch felt really weird, nearly stalled as I was trying to find the friction point that was at around the end of the level's range of movement, I went around the corner, stopped & adjusted it to around the middle of the action where I was used too..

    Good review, the power thing is an interesting observation, its all relative, I keep getting told a proper 600 sports bike or thou will knock my socks off, can't wait ;-)
  10. yep and its good to note that the 07 Model 250 i had was not a powerful 250cc engine, i could barely keep up with other 250 CC bikes, so relatively speaking the 500cc felt alot more powerful, even though it technically isnt 500cc :F
  11. Yep that's right.
    It has nothing really to do with the rated cc but rather total bike design....

    GS500 has about 45hp..
    Many 600 sports bikes can get up towards 100hp although engine only 1/5 larger overall.

    Then again.
    Vstar 650 Lams cruiser is 40hp and a shit load of weight..
  12. had my GS500F since March. Got an 09 model as new.
    It is my first bike and I am glad I had friends who taked me out of getting a 250cc
    It has been great to learn on and does everything you need a bike to do whilst on restrictions.
    They do feel big when you first get on them but once everything settles down they are very comfortable to ride
  13. They are indeed very good bikes, if only rego for them was not as expensive as it is (in the act 250cc rego is like 90$, 250cc+ is like 300$) i would buy one. if you fit rear sets you can corner them quite hard as well, the stock pegs will sc**** out if you get too aggressive with your lean angles.
  14. Well i did my P test today using this bike, passed it and only hit one cone, mainly coz i panicked for some crazy reason so i'll do some editing later about the bike.
  15. Well done.
    I'm tossing up a GS500F or funnily enough a ninja 250. Leaning very heavily towards the GS. Not keen for a restricted bike.
    Hopefully soon to do my pre learners.
    Can't wait to get on the road.
    Once again well done.
  16. Yeah, go for the GS. Ninja's look really nice but are seriously lacking in power.
  17. I was actually going into the Bike Store to buy a ninja 250, but the saleswoman told me not too, and point me to the Gs500F.

    Thank god she did otherwise there would be another Ninja on the road today.

    And the suspension on the gs500f is way too soft, heard the smash for the 1st time today when using the bike to commute. A large driveway made my suspension go kaboom :(, but from some other posts and tutorials you can put in some new springs for about 80bucks. Also i have yet to decide on an Exhuast, since the bike is a one piece exhaust and I cant weld :(
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  18. I just lived with the front shocks. I am a big fella, 110kg and you just learn to deal with it.
  19. [-(

    Don't just live with it, it's very dangerous to have your forks bottom out under hard braking..

    It's quite easy to fix with fork oil or springs changed out. You can also replace the entire forks with another Suzuki's, many people change them to Katana forks which are apparently much better.

    Sign up at GSTwins.com, there's a lot of information on there for the GS :)