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Noobs - look at your tyres.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by raven, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. No...I don't mean stand back and see that they are black things with tread on them!!..

    Have a good close look....It's not enough to dismiss the tyre as ok, just because it has good pressure and reasonable tread...what is the general shape of the tyre...?

    Bikes respond and react extrememly differently to car tyres....every little thing will have a marked effect on the ride, grip, and general control of your bike.
    If your tyre has a few thousand K's on it or more it has experienced some "wear"...so where is that wear?

    Look down at your tyre and observe the shape...is it evenly worn or more on the left or right sides...is it starting to show signs of a flat spot in the centre-line...how pronounced is it? Is the rubber "tearing"?...are the tread "edges scuffed?

    Why!?...because now that the dryer weather is here and you venture out onto the open roads more, you may find your bike feels a little unsettled...wants to track along grooves in the road...feels a bit wobbly through corners, or suddenly pitches over on corner entry and does'nt want to stay down on corner exit...
    All of these things could easily be caused by the way your tyre has worn from the style of the riding you've been doing over winter, or commuting etc.

    Don't be a rider who just blunders along without knowing wtf is going on.

    Tyres have a lot to say, and, you should be listening to them.

    Go see what your tyres have to say to you, now. :grin:

    Report back here if you don't understand their language..:)

  2. my tyres have some small 'cracks' in between the tread, (i.e. in the grooves). they are really tiny. like, a bee's dick wouldnt be able to fit in there. is there cause for concern?

  3. I liek my tyre's tread patterns
  4. If the tyre are'nt old, I would'nt worry Lob...I was referring to tearing on the contact patch area of the tyre....from gassing it too hard all the time. :)...probably your tyres version of "stretch marks".. :LOL:

  5. last time my tyres spoke to me i realised id eaten the brown acid..
  6. yep, but they are pretty new. (4k kms old).
  7. My tyres are around a month old, there is still a little bit of rubber frill on the edges. I have tried wearing them as evenly as I can but we don't have many twisty roads. My chicken strips extend across leaving a 3/4 inch strip either side. Trying to make sure I don't flatten things off
  8. can we get a diagram of 'chicken strips' ect and all that other tyre shit. i look at my tyre, and well it looks like any other tyre... i've looked up wiki, that helped not at all... so yeah... maybe a good comparison?
  9. Here you go
    The chicken strips are the part of the tyre not used, usually at the edges of the tread.
    The more area not used the more "chicken" you are



  10. Can we PLEEEASE drop the talk about chicken strips here...It has NOTHING to do with your tyre condition in the context of THIS thread.
    Instead of silly-arsed chicken strips - concentrate on that part of the tyre that IS making contact with the road.

    As for photo's...if you post any...point out what it is that you are trying to show people and what caused it, so some perspective can be applied for those not in the know...

    Ta. :grin:

  11. My old rear tyre was getting flat along the centre line. Sides had a good amount of tread, but the centre was 2mm, the bare minimum according to my manual. Bought a new one last week and it's scrubbed in nicely :wink:

    I probably don't check the pressure as often as I should but before big rides, I give them a top up.

    I think I might fork out for some better tyres next time, I really don't want to replace the rear after 8400k if I can help it. Downside to dual purpose tyres I suppose.
  12. My tires have 100k on them. Thats 100 kilometers. Should I replace them? :p

    Good timing for the post btw. Decided my old squared off ones need replacing for summer so had new boots fitted this week during the major service.

    Bike feels completely different now.
  13. Sorry I was only using it for want of a better term of describing the section of tyre I have worn, not trying to turn it into a strip session
  14. Hey John,

    I know what you mean here, maybe you can help me out. With my bikes i can take right corners better/harder than left hand corners... So the tread wears out more on the right side.

    Guess i need to practice left bends more so the tyre wears out better.
  15. Yep..most of us have a side we favour, so we can tend to wear one side more than the other...that shifts the centre line of the tyre across eventually...making it track lines and grooves in the road surface...stand in front of your bike straddling the front wheel, and look down at the shape of it's curve...after 6K or more (depending on how bad it is), you can see it in the shape of the tyre quite easily. :)
    You got it.
  16. Love your posts, raven. I learn so much from them. Keep them coming! :)
  17. Analyse these. Both taken after many laps of a tight hillclimb circuit.
    Bike GTR 1000. Arrows indicate rotation. The bike was getting pretty loose towards the end, the back mainly. I think the tyre was getting too warm. If you look at the base of the tread blocks towards the centre of the tyre, you can see tiny ripples, I think the blocks were starting to permanently distort.
    Rear tyre (I think it shows I trail brake into turns):
    Front tyre:
    Not too sure what teh front says, except it's a heavy bike with not too much tyre.
    If I am way off with my reading, let me know!

    Regards, Andrew.
  18. Recently this week my rear tyre has developed a slow leak. On the way home from work yesterday my bike was gently swaying left to right on a flat straight road. I knew immediately the tyre pressure was far too low.

    I was very surprised it would do that, I always thought the handling would be reduced and more "sluggish" if thats the right term.

    So it really shows that tyre pressure is VERY important.
  19. typhoon, looks like your rear tyre is graining. No wonder it felt loose, all those little marbles forming up on the surface.
  20. Typhoon,
    The roughed up contact area is where you've been hitting the gas hard, coming out of the corners - normal.
    Interesting that the "trailing" edge of the rear tyre tread groove is worn down - not sure what THAT means?...very curious about that!
    Also interesting that the "trailing" edge of the front tyre tread groove is worn down. It's hard to see from the pic, but it might be "feathering".

    How were your tyre pressures on that day, mate? Might you have been running them with low pressure?