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Noobish rider :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SuiCid3, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. Greetings all,

    Just saying my 'hello' and introducing myself to these forums.
    I've been snooping around for the last few months trying to brush up on all the bike terms and some technical tidbits that's floating around.

    Been riding limited trail bikes when I was a kid and a few rides hear and there, but apart from that I've never really rode on the road. :D

    Got my licence last December and need to go for my P's before June! Shame I don't have a bike yet! :oops:

    I've got my eyes set on a nice cheap FZR... just hope that the guy doesn't jerk me around and bend me over. :(

    I was able to take my friends CBR for a quick spin down and around the block (first time since December, so it's been awhile)... and I almost forgot to brake coming up to a roundabout... and was thinking... oh sh*t! :LOL:
    I kinda forgot that there were rear breaks I could use... so my feet were just dangling there for a few seconds before I clicked and remembered! A bit of a scare there for second! :D

    Anyhoos, hope to go riding with some of you guys one day.... maybe grab myself a riding buddy to overlook what I'm doing wrong. :)

    See you guys around!
  2. welcome to netrider :grin:
  3. Hi Dave (SuiCid) and welcome to NR.
  4. Welcome, Dave, and be assured, there'll never be any shortage of advice on Netrider :).
  5. Welcome Dave! :grin:

    Hope ya get a bike soon !!
    lol imagine turning up to toca meets with a bike! :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Thanks for the welcomes! :)
    (Hey Charms, you've been looking out for me hey? :p )

    I ended up getting an FZR250 (3LN3).
    I'll be getting that registered on Saturday hopefully.
    As long as it lasts me until June (when my licence expires), then I'll be happy.

    I'm hoping to use this bike as a huge learning curve on how to service/maintain bikes.

    But first we have to wait until I actually get the bike into my pocession! :D

    Edit: Oh, I'm in NSW btw. :)
  7. welcome mate!! cya round the forums
  8. welcome dave :)
  9. :LOL: yep :p

    How has the riding been ?
  10. Been riding when I can Charms! :)

    But I'm limiting myself because I don't have the full range of gear yet.
    I prefer to cover up in the misfortune that something does happen.

    Have you booked your L's yet?
  11. Taking corners knee down yet ? :grin: :LOL: i know you have been :wink: lol

    did you get it fixed?

    Yeah i have booked them re booked the acctually :LOL:

    I'll be doing the course next week :cool: :grin:
  12. I need to get fork seals replaced and also the steering bearings.
    Will also be getting the carbies tuned and balanced in 2 weeks.
    So hopefully things will be good then.

    Good luck with your test!