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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by nuttytart, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Hi ho everyone, new this forum, live in vic, ride a 650 strom.

  2. I like riding twins. Welcome.
  3. Welcome to NR Nuttytart, what happened to the "V"? I've got a twin too. Sooner or later someone will ask the magic question..... :popcorn:
  4. I was not thinking when I posted. I ride a DL 650 V strom, silver, (gracie). Had her for 8mths 10,000km. What would the magic question be Ned.:-s
  5. Whatever it is, welcome :).
  6. Welcome to NR. :)

    I'm pretty new here myself. Tis a great forum, lot's here eg search old threads for keywords. Also plenty of group rides and lols.
  7. Please be patient and we'll be with you shortly. In the meantime please enjoy a musical interlude.
  8. <insert elevator muzak>


    And welcome to NR btw.
  9. Welcome!

    *consults list of magic questions*

    How's the weather there?
  10. Welcome to the NUTHOUSE!
    Hope your stay here is a useful and enlightening one!
    Get on some of those rides and you'll have more fun than you poke a stick at,

  11. Hey Tone2, the weather is just beautiful, we are having an indian summer.
    I use to ride a star like yours, a white one. I love my new ride.
  12. An Indian Summer? So are you hot then? :D :D

    (You see what I did there....?)
  13. Greetings