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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by bj0987, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone just signed up on here to hopefully learn a lot more about bikes. I have been a long time member of ls1.com.au and a car enthusiest. Recently my dad purchased an 84 xr200r as it was too cheap not to buy. I had never riden a motor bike before but loved it the moment I jumped on it.

    So I am booked in to get my L's tomorrow with rider bros and then hopefully I will be looking at buying a trail bike in the near future so that I can head out in the bush with mates as well as get a bit of practice on the road. However this will come down to budget but a friend recommended a DRZ400E

    Time will tell I guess.

  2. Welcome Brodie,
    The DRZ would be a good choice for a first up all purpose road/trail.
    Easy to ride and pretty much bullet proof.
  3. welcome to NR Brodie
  4. Went for my L's on Wednesday, i was very very nervous. But I have to say I was suprised at how easy it was to obtain my L's, considering how dangerous a motor bike can be and that you ride solo on your L's I would have thought it would have been a lot harder to obtain them. I know once I get a bike I will be doing a lot of practice around quiet back streets to help build up skill and confidence.

    I did the test on a cb250 which was nice a smooth to ride and seemed to be pretty light, which for someone like me with little to no experience was good. After riding it I am torn as to weather or not to get a road bike or road trail. I like the idea of being able to go out bush with friends but dont know how often id be able to actually do it. Some big decisions ahead. After any advice or tips.

    Thanks for the welcome as well.
  5. congrats on your L's, which state do you live in? If in vic and in melb, come down to sat morn prac sessions, syd have the same at homebush, start searching!! you wont regret attending the sessions, alot of help available that just might save your life one day.
  6. Welcome to NR :). Once you start riding, it's very hard to stop. Amazingly freeing experience.
  7. I do live in melb, where abouts are these practice sessions and what are they all about, as that is something I would be keen on once I have sourced a bike.
    I will also be looking into extra courses to do to pick up as many skills as possible. My old man has been riding since before I was born, so i have always been on the back of road bikes and well aware of how dangerous it can potentially be without the right skills
  8. these sessions have been happenind at st kilda, coming into summer a new place in fishermans bend has been found and we move there if elwood is chockers.
    Behind the BP servo on beach rd next to the marina... starting at 10am sat morns. check the thread and keep your eye out, I usually escort people in from dfo essendon if you're out that way, if not, there are others that help new people in from various locations. check the sat morn prac session thread, pic a hookup from your area or put your hand up, everyone is here to help.
  9. Thank you, I will defiantly do that once I get a bike. I live over in the Eltham area.
    My only problem at the moment is that I am getting married in April so all the extra funds we have are getting poured into that. Once past the wedding I will be able to start looking for bikes. I quite like the look of the new KLX250S and as previously said a friend recommended a DRZ400E so it will all come down to funds.
  10. Welcome to NR. (y)

    ..and as Goddie said - St Kilda Saturday sessions are worth their weight in gold. And an awesome place to meet fellow members.
  11. well theres a couple of people on motards so you'll be able to hook up with guys with similar bikes!!
    Weddings are pricey, make sure you book the holiday!! you'll need it after the long day :)
    Good luck with saving for the bike, have a look around at bike shops at as many bikes as you can! even check bikesales.com.au and go see as many as you can. while on L's nobody will let you ride their bike as you can understand unless you leave a healthy cash deposit!
  12. Tell me about, weddings are rediculously over priced, holiday is booked as of last night to Koh Samui.
    Im already on the lookout at bikes, trying to get a good idea of what bikes are worth and what will be a good bike to start with.
    I completley understand people not loaning their bikes, to be honest as someone with next to no experiance I would not feel comfortable riding someones bike on the road in case something did happen.
    Up until I can afford to get a bike I will have to potter around dads property on the old XR200R
  13. Good stuff a fellow LS1 member!!!

    Good luck with buying a bike. Goodbye LS1 time, hello Netrider time! :D
  14. Hey mate, I'm CSV RULZ on LS1, been on there a long time.
  15. Well get a message from my dad today to say he has picked up a KLR650 as it was to cheap to refuse, says its mine if I want it.

    I still cant believe he has done that, I am blown away. I am also shitting my pants a little bit as it will be a lot bigger and heavier than what I was planning to get to learn on. I was looking at the KLX250S. Im concerned this bike will be to big/heavy/powerful for someone with little to no expierance and for the bush???

    Any thoughts