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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Yoda, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. As a compatriot of mine once said, "Hello, Good Evening and Welcome" (Wasted on the youngsters here I'm sure!)

    I'm afraid I'm another bloody Pom abandoning the Mother Country(sinking ship) in search of paradise, fine weather and a better way of life and so far we seem to have found it.
    I'm an old un not a young un turning in at the ripe old age of 45 and I've been in and around bikes for some twenty odd years. We arrived in Australia at the beginning of july and have been settling in, finding jobs, places to live etc so I've not really thought about bikes too much up until now. We have ended up in Freshwater, Sydney and I'm just in the process of trying to get my bike through customs and AQIS so thought it was about time I made contact with some like minded people and tried to get a few contacts.

    I don't own a road bike at present as for the last few years I spent most of my time on track either doing trackdays/ride days or racing. My bike is a GSXR1000 K5, not the fastest thing out there but she used to do alright back in the UK. I used to do a little endurance racing and had a team called TM72 Racing we used to do OK and had a lot of fun.

    However, I retired from racing this year and I've brought the bike with me to Oz just so i can still do the odd ride day and keep my hand in. I'm not planning on racing out here at all but Eastern Creek's not too far away from where we live so I hope to get over there on a reasonably regular basis for a laugh and to help make some friends.

    I used to frequent a few forums back in the UK and once upon a time i used to do a little instruction for a couple of trackday organisers. I love my bikes and the people who ride them in general tend to make bloody good friends so I hope you guys are the same.

    When I first came to Australia as a tourist five years ago my wife paid for me to do a ride day at Philip Island for my 40th Birthday present. it was one of the most outstanding experiences of my life. Hopefully my time at Eastern Creek will prove just as memorable.

    My favourite circuits back in the UK were Cadwell park and Oulton Park - both flowing and technical circuits if you've ever seen any of the BSB coverage. I'd highly recomend a trip over the Mountain at Cadwell as a never to be forgotten experience! I also was lucky enough to go out to Portugal at easter this year and, although the weather was not great, four days riding around the Portimao circuit was awesome!

    Anyway, that's a little intro to me and I'll make my apologies now as I'm going to be bugging the crap out of people trying to find out where I can get bits/tyres/etc etc - all the things that I used to take for granted back in the UK!


    Andy (Yoda)
  2. Welcome, a noobie here but definitely not to bikes! You should come and help out at the Homebush learners session, meet a few people, and see what happens when Yoda and OzYoda come together in the same space/time....
  3. welcome to NR 'pommie' lol Yoda!! glad to hear of your experiences.
  4. Welcome to NR :) Great to have you with us. One of my dreams one day is to have a go over the mountain.
    This is some of my favorite footage: