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Noobie Plate/L plate blows off this morning

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by citymorgue2, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. Bloody windy on the eastern freeway this morning. :grin: Cheers to the rider who got my attention that my L plate had blown off somewhere just after doncaster road (always fun trying to communicate with hand signals at 90kph). Bloody thing was attached with a nut and bolt too.

    So maybe L/P platers out there, check you L plate is secure with all the gusty wind around at the moment. Or maybe I should just hurry up and go for my full license and then no more plates at all.
  2. i had a similar thing happen with my rego sticker. it was in one of those rectangular plastic things and stuck to my licence plate with a nut and bolt also. i got to work one day and say that not only was the rego plate missing, but my number plate was down to one nut and bolt also :shock:

    so i nicked a few nylock nuts and some matching bolts from work and bought one of those sexy rego tubes and all good!


  3. keep a spare under your seat.. if you ride a lot you will only get a short time out of them before they snap off when bolted.
    some bikes you can clamp them between the number plate and the bracket that holds it as i did to keep it in place for longer.
    go get your full ticket and be free of that demon yellow tag.

    Lobsta.. if you had changed your oil you could have checked these little things as it drained now couldnt you.
  4. i lost two and a reflector in one trip last week, now i have a big metal plate across the top holding it in place.
  5. These things should be held on with cable ties. Not nuts and bolts. :)
  6. Or araldite!!
  7. and at speed if they are tied to the bottom of your plate they blow out flat and with 'magic' appear not to be there so high speed learner times a plenty. have you ever seen the plate holders they use in the UK.
  8. I was pulled over by the po-leese last week and didn't have my L plates on.... I used the same 'reason' and was on my way :) Had to take a breath test too... luckily my one beer didn't get detected... PHEW!
  9. I was more worried about my personal image from other drivers/riders point of view. I figured they would be thinking 'bloody L plater cant even keep his noobie plate on'. Or even worse that it hit someone's car when it flew off. I guess it didnt cause I didnt get any irate drivers coming up beside me.

    Went out and bought some cable ties this morning.
  10. yeah ive seen a L plate smash through the grill of a mack truck and make it explode. god help us if L plates fall off
  11. 2 of these, fixing the L plate to my number plate,


    Kept it safely secured even at 180km/hr... on a completely private road, of course.
  12. :LOL:

    As mentioned earlier, i find wedging it between the number plate and the bracket that holds it seems to do the job nicely.
  13. I lost my L plate and almost lost another, and they were cable tied on. The bloody thing was flapping around on my Ps course, and the instructor came up to me at the lights and said it was loose. Whipped out another cable tie for the ride home, but took it off the next day when I didn't have to display plates anymore. Just carry a spare and some cable ties, or a bit of wire.

    My mate's P plate "blew off" at some stage, he hasn't put it back on yet, and that's been maybe 6 months. We got pulled over a couple of weekends ago for breatho and licence check. He got a conditional warning. He was lucky the cop didn't give him the $50 fine.
    Mind you, it was blowing a gale that weekend...
  14. How on earth did he communicate that with his hands? And how did you understand it? lol Would have liked to have seen that.
  15. Point to the bike, shape index and finger into an L and hold to forehead; When L-plater chases you, stop and get off the bike and explain their L-plate is missing, before they beat you up for calling them the other "L----" word? ;)
  16. My rego plate was missing and cost me $18 to replace plus the cost of the holder.

    Hope it was the wind and not some lowlife.

    Anyway,this weekend the drill get a workout and the cable tie goes on in addition to the nut.
  17. Ive lost 3 mate. I think the one I have on now is pretty secure now. Got plates are annoying
  18. Ahhhhh....the joys of learning to ride.

    I lost my plates so many times that I gave up replacing them.
    And every time that I got pulled up by the PO PO (which was not that often) I used to use the wind excuse. Worked like a charm
  19. My L-plate was secured by its top left hand corner to the top right hand corner of my number plate by the bolt and nut that holds the number plate on. Used to flap around like buggery on the Eastern Freeway.

    I secured my P-plate by both top corners to both bottom corners of the number plate. It still used to flap around like buggery. One day when I fanged the bike on a country highway I returned home to find the bottom of the P-plate had flapped about so much it made contact with the rear tyre and literally burnt away :LOL:. Should have kept a photo ...

    So then I went and got my 1990 vintage mechano set and made a square metal frame for a new P-plate to be super-glued onto, making sure the nuts at the corners were tightened with about 20Nm of torque to ensure no flex in the frame. I then drilled three holes just above the bottom rear edge of the plastic fender of the bike, and bolted the top of the frame with P-plate on, using similar excessive torque to tighten the nuts.

    It's still there, and will be removed on Monday when my probationary licence expires!! :cool:
  20. ive used a nut n bolt except then somehow that came off... then i used a cable tie n today i found it flat n blown behind my numberplate sumhow... must have been reversing to fast agen :p