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noobie needs help - service time

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by akumaa, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. hello all,
    i purchased an r6 99" a few months ago now, and i think its time for service. the last owner couldnt remember when he last serviced it, and sometimes wehn i ride i can hear backfire :/ bike has done about 62,000kms now.

    anyway question is
    1. what type of oil should i use for the bike?
    2. do i top it up or flush the oil out?
    - if i flush, how much oil needs to be put in?
    3. brake fluid is dot4 ? (correct me if im wrong)
    4. what spark plugs to use (model)
    5. what oil filter should i use?
    6. air filter - do i dab new oil on it (moist it) or leave it dry?

    thanks for any help.

    would apperciate if you dont give me any links to look up, im on a work computer and a few sites have been blocked off.
  2. can't give specific answers, you'll need a workshop manual for that. I'd do the following if a workshop manual can't be found.

    1. 4 stroke synthetic oil 10-50W (others may disagree, oil is normally a personal preference)
    2. Warm up bike, stop bike and loosen drain plug on bottom of engine with a suitable catch container underneath. I let the bolt drop into the oil and then use a magnetic wand to get it out. Beware the oil will be hot. There have been a few posts here on doing this. On my gixxxer the amount of oil is stamped near the filler, have a look for this.
    3. I use dot 4, again have a look at the filler cap, it should tell you on it.
    4. No idea, maybe pull one out and have a look or go into a bike shop and ask for a suitable set of plugs for a 99 R6. They have the parts catalog and can look them up.
    5. again no idea, have a look at what is on it now. Again a bike shop is your friend, go and ask them.
    6. Most sports bikes I know of are dry paper element filters, oiling filters tends to be for dirt bikes.

    edit: Dyslexic today, hit submit rather than preview. :)
  3. off to the bike shop i go :), cant find a manual or read pdf on this stupid work comp.