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Noobie mistake....now have to fix bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by ewok2000, Jul 8, 2007.

  1. Made a noobie mistake today.

    Turning left onto a 2 way street, saw a car in my lane about to turn right (car was in the wrong lane trying to avoid congestion).

    Grabbed a gobful of front brake while turning. Bike went down, rider OK.

    Car drove around me and turned right anyway without slowing down.

    1) Really bent clutch lever, can only use two fingers on it
    2) Gear change pedal pushed up right against the body (managed to pull it out a bit before I started riding again)
    3) Mirror very wonky and won't stay still.

    No other damage or scratches. Mental note to self, need to practice emergency braking as per course instructions (straighten handlebars, then brake!!!)

    New bike, less than 1000km, second drop (sigh!).

    Anybody have any idea how to fix and how much the cost is? I live in the Inner West (Five Dock) in Sydney. I need to fix in a couple of weeks as my MOST test is 2 weekends away.

  2. save yourself any chance of breaking bits trying to straigghten them out, go to your nearest honda dealer and buy the clutch lever and gear shift as after market parts, as for the mirror, which bit is moving, is it the ball parts that the actual mirror is attached to, or is it wear it bolts up the the bars?
  3. Bad luck champ,

    And what an idiot of a driver! if you didnt brake and then hit him, he would have been in the shit and even though you did brake and fell he just kept going! low life!

    My brake leaver cost about $25 for the cbr and i did the work myself, donno about your situation tho. But shouldn't be to much

    Oh yes, your prob on the right track with the whole practice thing before your MOST test, guy stacked it today doing the emergency stop, not pretty, he was doing a re-test to.
  4. Consider yourself lucky it was a naked bike and not a faired one because if you broke all the fairings you would be up for mega $$$
  5. shit happens dood.
    get down to your friendly parts joint and you should be out of trouble for less than $100 (less than $50 if you only need to tighten the mirror).
    if the old gear lever is only bent and not busted, remove it *and replace it* and try to bend it a little straighter to use as an emergency next time your bike has a little lay down. chuck it in the boot compartment with a 10mm spanner (or whatever size you need to undo the bolt) so if next time it snaps, you will be able to get yourself outta trouble.
    thats what i'd do :grin:
  6. I can't help you with the replacement bits, but it sounds like the mirror has just come loose. At the base there is a large nut. Turn the mirror round by the shaft to the place it should be (usually in line with the handle-bar) and then tighten down the nut (one of the tools in the toolkit should be the right size). No-cost fix, but you might then need to swivel the actual mirror part around to line it up the way it was.....
  7. Thanks for all the advice.

    Paul - taken your advice and it worked. Tightened the large nut at the base with a spanner.

    Bike is going to get booked in to a Honda service centre tomorrow. Would do it myself but am mechanically inept and significantly time poor (work rich?) at the moment.
  8. ahhhh damn, bad luck mate :(
  9. I feel your pain :cry:
    I did something similar today, but dropped it in the parking lot @work and not the road. And the bike's not even a week old!!!! :cry: :cry:
    Luckily it's a naked, and the only damage was a bent clutch lever, so hopefully easily (and cheaply) fixed.
  10. The clutch lever is always the first to break :S Should be an inch shorter and it would solve so many problems.

    At least you aren't hurt, thats the most important thing.
  11. Update on repair costs.

    Clutch lever - $25 (non-OEM, original Honda almost double the price)
    Gear pedal - $50ish to be confirmed
    Set of oggy knobs (yes, finally getting these installed!!) - $160

    So all up around $250ish to be spent tomorrow at the dealer getting all three things fitted.
  12. Thanks dude...I hate to say this, but not feeling like the only person who has done this sort of thing helps in getting over it. At least the cost of fixing the bike isn't too expensive.

    Nice bike by the way, thinking about your bike as a possible upgrade when I learn to not drop the bike on a regular basis.
  13. I was feeling like --> ](*,) for the whole day yesterday! Such a stupid thing to do.... ah well.. atleast the repair cost ain't that much. Thanks for putting up the costs in your previous post.

    The FZ6n is a gorgeous bike. I was tossing up between this one and the Kwaka ER6n (what can I say...I love nudity :wink: ) The ER6n handled quite well and was a touch lighter, but the Yamaha looks waaaaaaaay better IMHO.

    Ride safe.
  14. For a CBR250RR

    Clutch lever - $12

    Mirror - $25

    Gear lever - $75