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noobie mishap at first day of course

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by hph, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. I was at the first day of the stay upright course with 5 mates today. All were going well with bike familisation, going around in figure eights, slow turns etc.
    With 20 mins to go in the day we were told to start upshifting through 1 and two. My mate went first and I followed behind. Round the first bridge pylon and to my horror my mate just stalled right in the middlle of the track :shock: In panic I grabbed the front and foot brake but accidentally gave it throttle as well and ended up into the pylon ouch!!!!!!!!!!! :oops:
    I think my mistake was taking the turn too close and the right wrist was not horiizontal enough. God that hurts :(

  2. hph -

    So, no fractures other than your pride? Hang in there, everyone makes mistakes once in awhile.

    Remember, squeeze, don't grab, and in an emergency, clutch in. Easy to say, I know, but keep practising. You'll be fine.

    It's all worth the effort, (and pain!) in the long run.

  3. its not counted as an oopsie in a controlled environment. your record is now officially un-blemished
  4. No big dramas & it sounds like your having fun.

    I've heard worst stories...

    Definitely clutch in, that way it doesn't matter how much throttle you grab.

    Just leave a little bit more room between you & the guy in front I guess.

    Ice that wrist & off we go again. Good luck tomorrow.
  5. mishap

    I did get winded when my groin hit the petrol tank.It seem to have improved in the past few hrs and im able to walk up and down the stairs with mild discomfort. I will definitely not give up.
  6. Re: mishap

    As long as your voice hasn't gone up to Michael Jackson pitch you'll live to procreate and ride.
  7. LOL, you should have had another mate there with a video camera, you'd be a good chance of winning the 10 grand on funniest home videos.

  8. Re: mishap

    I should have run into my mate instead a lot less painful :twisted:
  9. Bruised spuds hp?

    That's a biker's badge of honour! When I was hard on the throttle over a rippled surface on my ZX/9R the tank used to hammer at the old goolies like a madman with a baseball bat.

    When they did the sperm count before I had my first kid, I half expected the Doc to look into his microscope and see hundreds of the little guys all wearing helmets!

    Hang in there. You'll walk like John Wayne for a day or two and then be fine.

  10. Keep at it hph. Always good to get your falls out of the way in the controlled environment... +1 joel. And it's definitely worth the effort... +1 old blue
  11. Don't worry. On my L's course in SA a guy lost control and did the Ewok on a speeder thing - was half off the seat and still hanging onto the bars. He eventually let go. Bike lost some indicators and levers and he lost a lot of skin. Then on my P's test a girl really lost control, the bike picked up a fair bit of speed before plowing into a pole and trashing the front end. She had a nasty gash on her forearm.

    So it happens. It's all about learning, sometimes the hard way.
  12. in our p's at clyde , guy went through the back fence if anyones been there , pretti odd
  13. Don't sweat it mate, at the end of my prelearner course, during the 'assessment bit' - where they decide if you're ready to pass, in the last corner I freaked out and slipped on the throttle and nearly went into a wall, but I pulled clutch in and breaked it so I was ok. Just inexperience and nerves, I was very very nervous during my course.
  14. when i did my p's test at annangrove syd a guy dropped his bike at the beggining of the day. but he still ended up passin at the end.
  15. That really sucks to here, but is as funny a scared kitten on wet tiles. :)
  16. A guy on my course (also at Annangrove) Managed to run into his instructor. I've been tempted to camp out and just video tape the course, there's some money to be made in those funny home videos!
  17. heh heh, or as Bill Tuckey used to say, "The car steers like a bull in a wet paddock!"

    Hang in there mate, much worse has happened, and people have (as you are) laughed about it later.

    I remember 'teaching' my new wife to ride at a picnic ground up at Picton. Her mum and dad (who didn't like me much) were with us. She got going ok but wasn't real sure on stopping and ran into a tree! Dad was not impressed :LOL:
  18. Hope the second day goes better, you will have to post the results.
  19. Old Blue that is a classic.

    Hph - Don't sweat it man, at least you had the raction happening and didn't just freeze up. That's what a lot of people do.

    If it makes you feel any better, people prang in courses all the time. At my HART course one woman kept running wide and eventually ended up in a big ditch. In the previous session there was a 4 bike pile up when a dude jack-knifed for no aparent reason and everyone ploughed into him.

    And next time your Gonads are in Strife: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/weeee.php
  20. I hope I don't follow suit with my test this weekend. Knowing my luck I will well and truly mess it up and end leaving with not only a bruised ego :(