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Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by steltzer, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. hi all, name is nathan, new to bikes, really new, got l's 3 weeks ago. and took delivery of my new ninja 650rl yesterday, already put 100 kms on her, and freakin loving it! live in eastern melb. just thought i would say hi

  2. Welcome to NR

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  3. Awesome to see another easterner, I'm from there myself. I would have suggested something a bit easier to work on as your first bike but excellent choice nonetheless, welcome to the forums and welcome to riding! Be sure to come to the 10AM Saturday learner sessions in St Kilda (view event and ride announcements VIC forum), also get an intermediate skills training session under your belt once you're feeling up to it. Where'd you get your L's?
  4. Welcome to NR and welcome to Riding. Nice first bike! I also got my L's about 7 weeks ago and have the bike for 6 weeks now. :)

    2700 kms clocked already! :)

    Ride Safe, Nathan!
  5. thanks guys, appreciate the welcome.

    kernal, got my l's at HART kilsyth. They are great there, really get your confiance up. i would love to do some more training, i think you could almost never stop learning . now my wife wants to get hers, she even got all the gear LOL so i might book her in next available spot. she if she likes it or not.
  6. Welcome to Netrider, plenty of room here for new and old (y)
  7. Welcome to the forummm. I reckon there's a lot you can learn here, though you'll soon see some advice better than others.
  8. Hey, I went there as well. I did the Saturday 1-day course. You are right about the trainers there. We had a good batch as well with various ages represented.