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Noob with new bike-wont start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by fangsta, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Im sure you guys will guess the problem straight away.

    I have recently bought a 1998 Virago XV250. Which i have riden 3 times on very short trips (getting practice)

    And I have recently adjusted the chain to 30-40mm swing (it was hanging too loose).

    This afternoon my bike would not start, it tries to kick over but then makes a clicking noise.

    Have I drained the battery flat? Or is it something more expensive.

    Your thoughts are appreciated.

  2. Sounds like battery. Does it kick over at normal speed or slowly?
  3. Slowly -can only do 1 kick over before starting the clicking.

    Would a flat battery make the clicking noise?
  4. Yep, flat battery.
  5. Crap burger, ohh well that's my first lesson, don't play around with the bike if not actually going for a ride.

    So I guess i just take the old battery off and put in a new one?

    Thanks for you help, it's really appreciated.
  6. Buy a charger first, (you may or may not have killed the battery), if the charger doesn't work, buy new battery.

    Keep the charger, (when you get your new battery, you will need to charge before use anyway for most batts.) use it to keep your new battery in tip top shape.

    Have fun!
  7. Thanks thats a good tip, the battery looks alright.
  8. roll start it..if it starts and runs than flat battery, it it still wont go maybe something more serious....
  9. A good looking battery doesn't mean it isn't buggered.
    And make sure you check the water levels in the battery (if it takes water) and read the manual as to how long to charge it for...quick charge or slow charge. And it should warn you to take the caps off the water cell hole thingys... And don't dip your finger in the water to taste it no matter how clear it looks. And wear clean underwear when you ride.
  10. Slow charge it over night, do not put the battery on a concrete surface, sit it on some wood instead :) the concrete will kill the battery for sure
  11. Urban myth discussed in other threads here.
  12. Bought a battery charger, left it for a few hours and my virago is good to go.

    Clean underwear on and off i go to get some bread, never realised how fast 50km/h is on a bike, feels weird no seat belt (possible invention?).

    Anyway thanks for every ones advice, although it did shit me when the battery went flat- I managed to learn a bit more about my bike.

    Now I'm off the clean the engine and adjust the throttle (seemed to be over-revving)

    Thanks again guys

  13. +1
    most ridiculous post of the week.
  14. Agree.

    Left glove first.
  15. Ohh the over-revving problem is now also fixed (ahh... left the choke on)