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Noob with HART

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by pokiou, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Dont know if this is the right section but here it goes..

    I just signed up for my bike license test next week on the 23rd 24th at HART in tullamarine..

    just wondering if any1 else is going or if they have gone what i should be looking out for.. what i should wear ? and so forth

    thanks in advance

  2. They should have told you on the phone or on the paper work what to wear.

    Any way jeans, long sleeve top and no open toe shoes.
    They do prefer work boots or bike boots, but i have seen people wear runners/joggers.

    They supply helmet, gloves and wet weather gear.

    If you have your own stuff, i advise you to take it and use it. Better then using gear thats been warn by 100 others.

    GOOD LUCK! :grin:
  3. hey pok, welcome. I did my L's at HART in Tulla, great instructors, the blokes even did some shift swapping so that we would have the same instructors again the next day.

    If you already have your gear wear it, if not minimum would be long sleeve and long pants to cover all exposed skin. The gloves they provide are rather tattered old things but at least kevlar, best if you could bring a pair of your own...

    I wore jeans, long sleeve shirt and sneakers... back in more summery days... but I don't do that anymore. You're gonna being going maximum 40 - 50 kph... but mostly 20 - 30 kph... so it would still suck if you went for a slide.

    Best of Luck!!
  4. +1 on the aboves... plus.. if it happen to rain, I would advise to bring extra pair of shoes and socks.. They do provide wet weather gears but for some reason, my shoes and socks were soaking and driving home after the course with those are not comfortable..
  5. I did mine there, great course.
  6. Did L's and licence at hart tulla. What has already been said pretty much covers it. Yuo should receive or have received written confirmation with all the bits you need and your forms. If you haven't check with them
  7. Yea i gotta pay them tomorrow when i go in i assume i get my papers and all the legal mumble jumble then..

    Thanks every1

  8. pokiou: i did my Ls at HART kilsyth and found the instructors to be very helpful. i went for the 2 day course and wore jeans, sneakers, & a casual jacket. it was raining on the second day, the test day, but that was fine as the course is designed to be done in the wet. i imagine it would have been more comfortable with my own gear, but yeh you can survive without.

    a mate of mine went to the Tulla course. he thought the staff there were professional and insightful.

    good luck with it
  9. Thanks for the info and support guys. Its been a long dream for me to get my license but after seeing my best mate get his last bike and not stop talking about the thrill of being on a bike and the freedom.. ive decided to go head and do this.. cant live behind a steering wheel my whole life..

    after getting my license whats the best way to continue my driving training or rather improve my riding skill ?? alot of city riding ? and then go on the HWY or take it as it comes ?

  10. Any riding will improve your skills... I took the first few days really easy doing laps aound the quiet neighbourhood... before hitting traffic. post up your location so we can reccommend some roads or carparks for practice.
  11. Preston just off bell street

  12. Yeah.. just do some neighbourhood riding for a start... get used to the bike you are getting before hiding the traffic...

    I started off doing night riding... less traffic.. but not recommended because you can't really see the road condition clearly...
  13. I did my L's at HART in Kilsyth and had Ant from the Tulla instructors come down and help teach us. The course was straight forward enough and they allow plenty of practice for the final test - they're very helpful. When I passed and the course was over, Ant offered as much time as we needed to ask him as many questions as we'd like and offered up much of his own. I learnt a lot just from that after course session too, especially about protective riding gear.
  14. Hey Pokiou, got your L's?

    Go for a ride down the Yarra Boulevard off Chandler Hwy, speed limit is 50 and the lanes are wide enough to practice corners... it gets crowded with people on weekends... but stick to the speed limit and you'll be right.
  15. I did mine at HART Tulla around 1.5 months ago... On the second day after the test we had a chance to play with the new simulators which were very good. Anthony was able to explain some common issues and then show us on the simulator.

    They guys are great at HART. They way they introduce riding you have nothing to worry about!
  16. wear decent boots with ankle support. guess which bit you stick out first if you are about to topple over? (its all slow speed stuff)
  17. Yeap i got my license last week.. :D just need a bike and riding gear.. im currently waiting for money to come from over seas so i have to wait for that :( :D