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Noob with a Kawasaki GPX250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Nocker, Nov 13, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    I've been reading Netrider and gathering valuable info for the past couple of months and finally joined a couple of weeks ago. I've been getting everything that I can get my hands on, from what to look for when buying to how to lube the chain. This really is a great source of information.

    And now I can add to the bucket with a possible problem of my own. I went for my fist cruze yesterday with a mate and was a bit concerned with what I heard. The bike ran fine up until I was revving it at about 8 grand. From this point and higher there was a noise from the engine. It was most probably pinging but I wanted to check and see if people agreed with me. It sounded a bit like if you hit a spanner on an engine block but maybe a touch higher in pitch. Do you think that this is most likely pinging?

    I've always been confused with what the sound of pinging is as I've always been given a vague explanation of what it sounds like. I have used Shell standard unleaded fuel (only filled up once so far) when I filled up. My mate suggested using a premium fuel to get rid of the ping (if that is what it is). I tried a Search but didn't come up with anything that seemed relevent.

    Oh, and another issue that I may have... when I got my bike I did a check of all the fluid levels and stuff and the coolant was right on the low level. All I had was some premixed coolant that does contanin ethol glycol so I topped up with that. Was this the right thing to do? I've heard something about not mixing coolants and as I don't know what was in the bike to start with I would assume that this is what I've done. Why is this a no no if it is true? Should I drain the entire coolant now and completely replace it?

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, cheers all. :grin:
  2. Yes. You want to be sure that the mixture of coolant is the correct concentration for the bike. Could probably do with a flush anyway.
  3. Welcome Nocker - I have a zzr 250 and switched to BP ultimate and this reduced the ping considerably. If you only topped up the coolant (100 ml or so) you should be ok - the other guys with more technical knowledge can give you better advice.
  4. could be pinging but before we start getting into the heavy stuff, im pretty sure its just your clutch lever rattling try covering it next time the noise happens and tell us how you go.

    have heard of this problem alot with gpx's.
  5. Congrats on the GPX Nocker!
    What color scheme is it?

    In regards to pinging, I read more than once on here that lower octane was more widely used and lessened pinging, and that putting in higher octane had in some cases increased the pinging on our engines??
  6. Thanks Vic, it is red with purple and purple rims. Got it at a good price I think considering it only had 6,500 on the clock.

    Yeah I was a bit confused by the petrol too. I'm pretty sure that I've read conflicting opinions about using premium or regular. Dunno :?:
  7. Many threads on this. A classic case of RTFM. (Read The F@#^%g Manual). Use the recommended fuel, which is what the engine is designed for. It may well be a low octane fuel if you are getting pinging.
  8. Thanks "aviper4u" :wink:
    I'm pretty sure that that was the problem. I've not had a real good check of it but I'm 98% sure that the sound was the clutch lever. I'll have to find some way of inserting nylon washers or something to stop the noise. It would drive me nuts if I had to listen to that all the time! :mad:
  9. Of corse it was a good price...
    It's a Purple bike! :LOL: :grin:

    welcome to the Insanity mate :grin: