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Noob - Virago vs. Intruder

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by Porky, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Hello all

    I am a total mota-sickle virgin (well almost, see below) looking for some advice on what bike to get. (I'm 6' & about 95kg if that's helpful)

    The bikes I don't want:
    Honda Custom - didn't like the look of
    Kawasaki Eliminator - nice but out of my price range, 6th gear or not
    Hyosung Aquila - there seems to be some question of their build quality long term (although their pricing I like haha) and also not sure if I like the look of them

    So I've pretty much narrowed it down to 2 out of the 250 cruiser range that I really like the look of which I could afford. A Yamaha Virago which my old man owns & swears by or a Suzuki Intruder.

    I'm leaning towards the Virago because there seem to be more for sale for a cheaper price (am probably going for 2nd hand) & most of the threads I've read in here seem to agree that they're pretty damn bullet proof in terms of reliability & good, easy bike to learn on.

    Haven't found that much on Intruders on the web but they seem abit pricier than Viragos & less of them for sale..... Can anyone tell me why (if there's any valid reason) the Intruders cost more $$$ & why I should buy an Intruder over a virago?? If not, bring on the Virago!!!! :LOL:
  2. You wrote that essay and your question is the last sentence? :p

    Once you've put your butt on the seat and made sure its comfy (better if you can ride for a bit and see if its still comfy) there's no reason I know of not to go with the Virago.
    I wanted a bullet proof bike and that was second on my list...
  3. Errr, yeah. So I like to be, um, thorough...... :p There were a coupla questions sprinkled elsewhere too.
    Anyway, if Virago was 2nd on the list, what was the first?
  4. My first choice (and first bike) wasn't a cruiser - it was a GPX250 - cheap and bulletproof. I still think I would have been happier with a cruiser.

    If I remember rightly I faltered at the meaning of Virago (angry women or something like that) - which is stupid of course. On the same day I heard the meaning I saw the cheap GPX and bought it on impulse. To its credit the GPX didn't skip a beat (apart from a few minor problems like a dead battery) and would recommend them to anyone who was in the market for that type of bike.
  5. Now what's wrong with a biatch on wheels!! :wink: :p

    Cant help with the Indtruder vs Virago debate, I havent ridden an Intruder so can only suggest you sit/try both and see which suits you & your wallet :)
  6. Why I bought the Intruder instead of the Virago:

    - When I saw them side by side, I preferred the styling of the Intruder.
    - slightly more power.
    - slightly bigger appearance.
    - I felt it was more solid on road, but that was with little or no experience.
    - I like being able to put my lunch in the underseat, rather than squashing it into my pocket.
    - slightly bigger seat.
    - more comfortable riding position for me.
    - When I bought mine it was the same price as a Virago.

    As you can see there wasn't alot in it, I just ended up preferring the Intruder.

    Ride both and choose which one you prefer.

    Also see for further: https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=47394
  7. Thanks for the responses guys & gal :grin: Interestingly, since I first posted there seem to have been a bunch more Intruders appear for sale.

    Nixon-chic, I take it Virago does mean angry woman or something? If so, no biggy because am quite used to dealing with one of those from time to time :LOL: Although trying to go for a ride on an angry woman does sound kind of dangerous? :p

    Bonkers, I'm still stuck on a cruiser but thanks for the advice (although may just try sit on a GPX, ya never know do ya?)

    Dgat, your summary kind of says it all for me. Just checked out the specs again & realised the Intruder also has a larger fuel tank. Your post has actually swayed me a little more towards an Intruder.....for today haha :roll: Did you buy yours new & if so, for how much, on-road?
  8. Yeah, I meant to write that too, but slightly forgot :roll:
    I'm also slightly taller than average, which I feel when sitting on different bikes - for me the Virago just felt smaller.

    Don't be too swayed by others opinions, you're the one who will be riding your bike. Sit on 'em in showrooms. test ride courtesy of private sales and you'll soon make up your mind - thats how I made my decision.

    I orignally wanted to buy used but I ended up buying new about 2 months ago as I wanted a recent model and used prices were not far short of the new price.
    Paid 6500 ride-away new.
  9. Go to a shop and test ride them both. They have different riding positions so you might find one you like more than the other. You say you are after a used one. The small differences will be irrelevant when the factor of a second hand bike kicks in.... So go and try them!!

    Ps..the only thing that really differs, is the size of the fuel tank.. Intruder will see you taking less toilet breaks.. :LOL:
  10. Virago - my 2 cents

    Hi - I just bought new '08 Virago - now called a "star" so the debate over what Virago means can disappear ;)

    I looked at intruder and eliminator (too many $$ a didnt like its looks) and once I sat on them a few times preferred Virago/Star's riding possie - I got it on road for 6300 total...had it 3 days now and whilst still taking it easy..so far happy with choice...

    happy searching

  11. never ridden a 250 virago but...

    my ex had a 250 intruder when on her L and P and i really enjoyed it- it llooked good, i was comfortable (im 6'4 and 95 kg). and it sounded kinda cool for a 250- my main problem is that are a grey import arent they? this is fine until you need parts and it might get tricky (if im right and they are a grey import).

    having said that the whole 250 cruiser thing is kinda funny in my book.
  12. No idea what a grey import is........ Not sure what ya mean by "250 cruiser thing is funny".....but don't care either :p . I like the look & like the fact they are so economical. If I don't go for a long ride on weekends, one tank of gas should last me almost a fortnight :shock:

    Congratulations to you both on your new machines by the way :cool: and with the prices for new being what they are, with a 2 year unlimited km warranty (at least on the Intruder) I may be able to squeeze an extra grand past the lovely wife & buy a spanker :wink:

    Pissing down here in Auckland today but going to go try get my butt on a coupla seats in the shops today. As long as I can suss which riding possy I prefer & which looks better to me, (similar to Bmacka's approach) the rest can wait. Worst bit will be having made my choice & then waiting to get to Oz to start searching for a bike to purchase in earnest :(

    Someone said somewhere in the forums that at the end of the day, it won't matter what I choose because it'll be my first bike & I'll think it's the best thing since sliced bread either way :LOL:
  13. Well, went & checked the bikes out & have to say the Intruder is the winner for me. The seat was comfier, riding position felt more comfortable (felt a little less "roomy" on the Virago) & it just looks better to me.

    Most annoying thing was the fact that the shop I went to is having a sale & selling brand new Intruders for $NZ6000. :mad: If I wasn't moving home I would have bought one on the spot! :LOL:

    Only one last thing I am wondering about & that is how do the Intruders go for reliability & maintenance?

    Besides that, my mind is made up
  14. for what it' worth, today on ebay theres a virago with 39k on the clock and going for about $2800, for a first bike, I would jup on something like that. I hve only been riding since oct 07, on my 3rd bike, started on a vtr250, then onto cbr600f now on an xvs650 (big brother to the virago 250) and from what I read on a us site only 10 or 20 mile an hour faster!
    Bargains are out there, I am 6' and about 86kgs, I have the floor board style for the feet, they feel ok. Get about 230 kms before switching to reserve if that helps with 'tank size' issues. Found the cruiser more enjoyable than the sports bikes but I am 47 and not a racer type. I do know my limits and my goal is to enjoy the ride. good luck in whatever choice you make, just an fyi bikepoint dot com dot au and bikesales dot com dot au are good sites to check out, like anything in life, do your research and you wont be disappointed.
  15. I have done 12500k since March last year and had only 1 problem. Bike would stall at idle in very cold weather 0 - 2C, Suzuki fitted carby heater under warrenty and I have had no problem since. Very reliable I commute to work every day and around town and the hills on weekend, very fun machine, can sit on 110 - 120kmh no problem.
  16. hi there im also a newbie just made my own topic and just wondering i do love the look of the intruder and ive heard it might be a little underpowered and im about 15-maybe 30 kg heavier than you and am wondering how much diff it will make?
  17. I'm 125kg and 6'4" jkb666 and like I said on previous post gets me up and running to 110-120k on the Freeway. Also beats most cars from lights if they are not trying to race you. You just have to relize what the limits are.
  18. If I could go back and do it all again, I would have gone the eliminator. The extra power and the extra gear are something I really do miss.

    That said, the Intruder hauls my fat arse around just fine: 130kg, 6'6.
  19. Get yourself a hyosung - it is the coolest most table, prettiest bike for a 250.
  20. It is not, the Intruder is!!!