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Noob Tyre Question

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by seanske, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. So 2 places have given me quotes for a front + rear tyres

    the current tyres i have on atm are:

    90/80 - 17s on the front
    120/80 - 17s on the rear

    one place has quoted me $420 for front and rear same size as above

    while another place has quoted me $300 with the exception of the front tyre = 100/80 - 17s

    my question is...does the discrepancy between the 100/80 and 90/80 on the front affect the way the bike will handle? with the potential to save $120 ...

    EDIT: btw the $420 are for dunlops / the $300 are for bridgestones?


  2. Just get the size that is stipulated by the manufacturer - Saving money on tyres increasing the risk of instability/damage to yourself or bike is not worth it.

    I got a good deal on tyres at MAW in Castle Hill and they helped explain the different compounds etc to buy what was best suited to my riding. ($420 sounds a bit steep to me)
  3. I might be a bit old-fashioned, but I ALWAYS go with the manufacturer's recommendation.

    You mentioned the brand names, but not the model types, that can account for a lot of difference. If the Dunlops are top of the line stickies, and the Bridgestones average all-round (sigh) tyres, there can be that sort of price difference. You need to compare apples with apples.
  4. can i get the number and/or website?
  5. http://www.maw.com.au/

    If ya can speak to Sam or Greg, they should be able to help you out.