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Noob training video, what not to do......

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by 99CIBBER, Aug 25, 2010.

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  2. lots of things.
    He thought he was going in too hot, panicked, target fixated on the rail and locked up the back - notice the skid just before he leaves the road.
  3. He wasn't looking through the curve?

    Rode a ducati? *shrug*
  4. Look at his line on the approach to the corner. he was on the inside so was in trouble from the get go. Start wide then finish tight.
  5. First thing I noticed as well.
  6. i'm new to riding and even i think he went in too fast, too tight, and over corrected
  7. With almost exactly the same title and OP.
  8. He ****ed up a Street Triple, the ****. Instant fail.
  9. I think it's a Speed Triple, but I agree with the prognosis.
  10. 675 swingarm. Speed Triple has a single-sided swingarm anyway. ;)

    More seriously, everyone has already highlighted the things that went wrong. Not paying attention, too tight, target fixation and locked rear. You should also watch this guy's other vids. Most of them are from this exact same corner. I want to ride this road and see this corner for myself one day.
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  13. i love this clip and can watch it over and over again, what a muppet
  14. I've got the same question as Gnome. A lot of these vids show the back end breaking loose and I'm having trouble seeing what caused it.. wheel doesn't seem to lock, and there doesn't look to be stuff on the road.

    Also, is it just me or a lot of these guys riding a touch too close to the centre line?
  15. most of the videos show the guys with their bums still on the seats but still leaning over like a motogp bike
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    To me it looks like his brake light comes on just before he loses the rear. But that could be because of the camera angle. However, his foot isn't near the rear brake so if he does brake, it is probably the front. I have always thought that the surface change had a role in this crash, but it could be that the dark patch has not effect at all on traction so... would be interested in hearing what others say.

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