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Noob to the forums and another VTR250 owner!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by liamB, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. Hi all, just thought I would say this has been a great forum to learn a lot about motorbikes! Just passed my L's the other week and bought a new VTR250 as they were on sale $7995 ride away (with a free teknic jacket!)

    Sweet, pick my bike up this friday looking forward to meeting up on the tuesday and thursday rides as I live in St kilda. :cool:

    See you around

  2. Right choice in bikes :cool: and Welcome to the forum
  3. Congrats & Welcome Aboard !
    Be sure you post pics up soon, OR feel the wrath of ktulu, our Head of new bike acquisitions dept :p
  4. Nice choice in bike! Welcome to Netrider :woot:
  5. yay another close noobie, i live right near st.kilda most people live out west :p :twisted: i should be getting my bike this week or next (prob be delayed coz of melb cup grrr)

    maybe we can go on a few extra cruises when i get my bike :cool:
  6. Great choice in Bike! I go through St Kilda on the way to and from work. I hope to see you sometime. What color did you get?
  7. Nice choice ive got vtr too! ul have to come to the L rides, go the vtr club haha, welcome mate :)
  8. Thanks for all your support guys, I bought a red VTR as they did'nt have any other colours left. Besides, i quite like the red and black combo. I was told it was one of the last two available new. Honda have stopped making them aparently.

    Cool, looking forward to catching up for a ride sometime soon!

  9. p.s, I will get some pics up. I want to take some photos before I ride it . I have never bought anything new this exspensive ever!
  10. Again welcome liamB to all... cya on the Tue rides soon :wink:
  11. wtf !!!
    they are everywhere .....nd they are gonna take over this world !!!! :|

    beware of the RED VTR 250s !!!
  12. u know how much fun they are & u want one :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :p
  13. haha Yeah man we are everywhere, we should have a red vtr ride, would make some great photos anyway!
  14. Travis, I'm In!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  15. welcome aboard................and nice choice in bike :grin:
  16. Well, I picked up my bike tonight, I am glad it did not rain and the roads were dry! Must say I am very happy with my bike! Was a smooth ride home too. I was a little nervous in traffic on a friday afternoon but it was all good.

    Here are some pics. Note only 3km's on the clock when I took delivery :)



    The only thing I would like to do is move the foot controls around a little if I can as I am quite tall and it feels a little out of place. Other than that I have no regrets buying a brand new bike :cool:
  17. Welcome and enjoy the world of v-twins! :wink:
  18. Well, we got an Adventure Forum; can a VTR Forum be that far away? :LOL:.

    Welcome to Netrider Liam :).
  19. great lookin bike mate, did well.

    were abouts are you in melb.... hit me up a pm if u wanna go ride on a nice day.
  20. honda stopped making them BUT are about to release injected, possibly ABS VTR250F.

    Not sure if/when it'd make it to aus though.