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Noob to forum and riding.. with a quick question on cleaning

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Squizz, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. Greetings all..

    I have a quick question for yas..

    What are good stuffs to use when cleaning your bike?

    I was told that a hose is no good.. so i got me a bucket and water..

    I got me some faring polish.. comes out nice n schmick :D

    but the pain in the tail is the black crap that comes from the brakes.. n since my cbr has white rims.. it kinda shows too well.. Any suggestions on whats best to get it off?

  2. Re: Noob to forum and riding.. with a quick question on clea

    Mate I feel for you.... as i too have white rims..

    Goto autobarn or supercheap and buy a bottle of meigers non acid wheel cleaner roughtly about $12. Thats what I use on my white rims... it gets most of the crap off.. occasionally ya will need to give them a light scrub aswell with wheelcleaner stuff.

    Give it a hose down.... and a polish ... sometimes help polishing them keeping the brake dust of for a while... sometimes..

    Using a Hose is alright.. its the high pressure hoses you want to stay away from which gets into the bearings.
  3. Degreaser on a rag, then wash it properly like the rest of the bike (do the wheels last)... Works for me.... :)
  4. you have to wash your bike
  5. i agree, haven't washed mine in about 3 years, i prefer to ride it :LOL:
  6. I been inposession of the beastie bike 2yrs now and yet to wash it... tho my loverly partner T has washed and polished it once just recently... so apart from the tape holding the fairing together it can be seen where the scratches are...rofl