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Noob to forum and bikes (kinda)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by TRA, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. Thought I should drop in here and introduce myself. I am a dreaded scooter rider and 4wd owner from Brisbane. I have two things going for me though, one is that its not a 50cc, its a 250cc scooter, and the second is that I am moving to a real bike!

    Plan is to get familiar on a manual bike, then go for a real nice looking bike. Probably end up with a GSX650 to start with, then will move on to a hayabusa once I get my skills and confidence levels up, as well as my full licence.

    One thing I have missed out on big time as a scooter rider is the experience and knowledge from a solid community such as this. I have so many questions to ask, so be prepared! I am slowly chewing through the info that is already here on this forum so I dont ask questions twice.

    I cant wait to get on a real bike. After so many years on scooters I have finally discovered that riding can be fun, not just a commute to work!


  2. Welcome mate..

    Scooter to Hayabusa? insane, dont need a bike like that on our roads, youll lose your license in the 1st week, i have a R6, even that is to much for the roads, can only enjoy it on track days
  3. The transition wont be that quick!! Aim is to get on the 650 first and ride that for a good year or 2 first. PS, I think I am way too scared to ride a busa to full potential, will be wasted on me, but man they are a sexy bike...
  4. Wait. What?