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Noob soon to be Learner Saying hi.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by seanet1310, May 19, 2007.

  1. Hi im Sean and i just found this forum and have spent the last 5 hours reading a massive amount of posts great info. Anyway i thought i would just post and say Hi.

  2. Hi Sean, welcome to Netrider :grin:

    5 hours? Pffft... amateur :wink: :LOL:
  3. Welcome! Yeah, this is a pretty amazing source of info, out there to help folks like myself, who knew nothing about bikes four weeks ago.

    If you got a specific question, just ask, and folks get right back to you with answers!
  4. Welcome Sean, you have about another 5 weeks reading ahead of you yet :wink:

    Heaps to learn from here, and lots of willing people to help out :cool:
  5. Welcome to Netrider! As a fellow newbie let me assure you that you'll find plenty of great information here as well as plenty of great people.
  6. Welcome and enjoy the wonderland that is Netrider!

    Pooh out! :grin:
  7. Hey, thank's for all the welcomes and kind words guys. You've made me feel right at home and I can't wait to get out on some rides with.......

    Oops..., Oh dear. You were talking to the newbie weren't you. :oops:
  8. You crack me up Seany.. :LOL: :LOL:

    And welcome to the forums Newbie Sean.. :grin:
  9. Hey, thank's for all the welcomes and kind words guys. You've made me feel right at home and I can't wait to get out on some rides with....... you guys/girls

    lol what can i say it was quite a good thankyou but seriously thanks guys waising half of today i think im in even more minds then i started. but i figer that can only be a good thing as ive learnt quite abit.
    Save makeing a new thread. Does everyone by the time they get rid of there restrictions (VIC 260CC) rearly want to upgrade to a higher CC bike. I'm no speed demon and reading around a 250CC sounds like it would do what i need (general town rideing with less then 1 hour trip on a freeway twice a week) would there be much of a point upgradeing?
    btw if i should make a thread or just keep reading the forum and eventualy ill find the answer please just say
  10. hi mate,

    This is the way I see it -

    You've got your whole life to upgrade to a bigger cc engine so why not enjoy a little 250 screamer while your young and learning hey. I've been off my restrictions for 6 months now and still putter along on my CBR 250. Does me just fine for now - light on fuel and great around town!

    If you have any questions just use the search link up the top, if you can't find the answer your lookin for just hit up a new thread.
  11. Don't steal my identity. I have plenty of lotion left over from Shauny after he left mysteriously. :)
    It runs the lotion on it's skin. It does what it is told or else it gets the hose again.
    I wanted to but couldn't afford it. Many years I spent on a CB250. The trick is to scrape as much as possible off the pegs, then tomorrow try to beat that record. :wink: When your toe sliders wear to nothing but scuffed velcro, you're ready. :grin:
  12. lol steal identity? i would never

    unless it benifited me in the slightest lol im origenal enough i get 1200 goggle results all me but if u want ill swich to drapc

    thanks for the info ramjet and seany my current thinking is buy new keep for about 3 years then upgrade
  13. Hey,

    Speaking from someone who has just been in that exact situation... when I first got my licence I was thinking this exact same thing as you and thought I'd stick with my 250 for ages. But after being on my L's for a year (see I really was in no hurry to upgrade!), and after about 9-10 months on restrictions I couldn't wait to come off restrictions and get a bigger bike. I am a city girl too, so the 250 was perfect for city riding, but going down to the GP or Superbikes with the others on their big bikes and the occasional long rides is what made me change my mind. I guess it is a personal thing. Haven't been happier since I got my 600cc beast :grin:

  14. Why not see how you feel about upgrading when you come off your restrictions?

    Plenty of time to ponder this. Some people can't wait to upgrade because they're looking for something more challenging or comfortable. Others are happy with a 2fitty!

    Also, if you like to go on longer tours than just hooning around your local streets, you may find that a bigger bike is a lot more comfy and requires a more lazy approach when riding.

    Plenty of options and time to figure out what you may want. Your attitude is sure to change!

    Pooh's 2 cents!