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(Noob) Should I be considering this offer? (Ninja 300 and Duke 390)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Lessthen3ee, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, very first post here on Netrider! So if I'm posting in the wrong place or not formatting correctly etc, just point it out and I'll fix up my mistakes. I'm a noob to this site and to riding (about 6 months of riding).

    Essentially, I have a 2013 Ninja 300 (ABS) with 30,000km on it. I'm a new rider myself so still have the full 3 years of riding LAMS bikes to go (P's test is in 2 weeks). The bike itself has a few cosmetic issues; a significant chip in the right fairing from a stone on the highway, and a hairline crack in one of the rear fairings from the previous owner trying to remove the fairings in the wrong order. Anyways, so far I have used this bike as my commuter to and from uni/work almost everyday. At this point in time, I have estimated that I would put about 10-15,000km on it per year. At this rate, the bike will have a minimum of 60,000km on it by the time I am able to purchase a bigger bike and move on. Making it almost impossible to sell, if it doesn't develop some serious issues by then anyway.

    So I've been looking around for newer bikes in the LAMs category to solve this issue and just explore my options further. In the process I went into my local dealer to see what was around and whilst I was there I decided to see what they would give me as trade in for my bike now. They wrote me up an offer of $3,000. Not horrible considering I bought the bike for around $4,000 myself. A loss of $1,000, however I am unsure if I would make even that amount back on the bike trying to sell it privately as I would have to do the RWC, probably fix up a few things etc.

    Whilst I was there I asked about any used Duke 390's they may have had around. Turns out, there is a 2015 model that had been bought and sold back to them with 12km's on the ODO. It is still so new that KTM are offering the next owner the full 2 year warranty on the bike. The price I got for this bike was around $5,500. New 2016 Duke 390's are fetching around $6,500 for reference.

    So my question is, for the $2,500 trade up value, would this be worthwhile in the long run? I feel like it would be, not only due to having far less km's on it when I go to sell it in 3 years (or sooner), but also the fact that I will have a warranty backing me up for the next 2 years at least. Something which I certainly don't have on my Ninja 300.

    All thoughts and ideas are welcome. I'm just not sure if its a worthwhile trade-in. My biggest influence is that I probably won't be able to sell my Ninja for anymore than the $3,000 they are offering me. So whilst that Duke 390 is there for such a steal, I figured I may as well take the plunge and make an investment that would actually yield me more of a return in 3 years than my Ninja.

    TIA everyone!
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  2. Welcome to the forum, I moved your post to here as a more appropriate location. The KTM 390 is a great bike and it sounds like a good deal re the changeover price. If you can afford the money then go for it.

    Re your Showcase item you need to get to member status before you can add showcase items. Keep posting it won't be long before you upgrade,
  3. Welcome mate, you've made your mind up already lol...

    Herewith my 2c - if you can afford it and like the duke (have you ridden it?) then do it. Why the hell not?

    But....it will have, by your math, 30-45k km on it in 3 years, which will mean it won't fetch a great price at that time.

    If you like the ninja and continue to ride it, you could save that $2500 now and use it to get a bigger bike you really want in 3 years, and turn the ninja into a fun track bike.
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  4. Just do it.
    Not for the reasons you list though, but because I think deep down it's what you really want.
    The ktm will have 40K on it by the time you are able to trade in on a non lams bike, so you it won't be worth much either by then.
    Financially I reckon you will still be better off just riding the kwaka until you can buy a non lams bike. But I don't think that's really coming into your thought process!
  5. Only $830 per year (or barely a half yearly coffee budget) - nothing for a bike you have a stronger preference for :)
  6. Do it m8. Worth it.
  7. Thanks for the welcome guys!

    Mmm I see what you're all saying about me having my mind made up! I do love the look of the naked Dukes! I'm yet to take her on a test run, have organised that for this week!

    I know I'm still going to have 40,000+km on the Duke 390 once I'm done, but at those km's I believe I'll still be able to sell it. Of course I'm going to lose money on it, I'm not doubting that at all. But I don't think I would be able to sell the Ninja at all with 75,000+ km's on it. Even if I sell the Duke for $2,000 once I'm done, then I've essentially made my money back from the tradeup now and haven't lost anything! That was my train of thought anyways. That and the fact a brand new bike should cause me less problems (mechanically) than the older one. Plus the warranty!

    I'm essentially just talking myself into it right now. So I can see why everyone is saying I've already made up my mind! Just wanted some opinions on the matter, so thanks guys!! :)

    Should I go with the Duke, does anyone have any experience with breaking them in etc? Or could perhaps point me to a good place that goes in depth with it. I know a lot of manufacturers try to get you to ride bikes around like grandmas for the first few thousand km's. But I've also heard that you don't necessarily have to be that kind for that long. I've never broken in a bike, so I don't really know what to expect!
  8. With that deal get the Duke, as per above its a no-brainer, and you'll soon love riding it since its a thoroughly enjoyable bike.

    Keep in mind though that you can probably pick up a used MT-07 for not much more over the KTM, just another option.

    If the MT-07 existed when I bought, it would have been on my list to check out, but the Duke punches way above its weight.
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  9. Do you need to ride at 100km/h? If you do the duke isn't the bike for you.

    I'd also say there is more chance of a ninja 300 lasting better than the duke.

    What state are you in. I know some states allow you to go to a 660 on lams.
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  10. 100km/h not often at all, if ever. More of a city commuter really!

    I'm in VIC mate, not too sure what the laws are with LAM's in VIC. Just been trying to follow the list on their website! If you know more about it, then please do share! :)
  11. Ok people, the important thing here is not to panic.....

    Mate, you need to get out to the hills and do some twisties on a weekend. Get yourself properly hooked!!!

    Get over to Elwood Sat morning practice and meet some folk and join up a ride or two.

    I can tell you it's about 1000000 times more fun than commuting.....
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  12. Hahah, so for the twisties you would suggest keeping the ninja yes? Or have I read all that wrong? The Duke 390 isn't ideal for twisties and 100km riding? Is that just because its a naked bike or is there something else I'm missing here?
  13. No I think he is saying as a general principle commuting is not where you get the enjoyment from riding. Get out in the twisties and have fun.

    The KTM390 has a top geared speed of 160km/h, good torque and horsepower figures. It is a capable bike. Early ones had overheating problems, those have been solved. They are fine as a commuter or a weekend scratcher. Whether you can get the theoretical 150k out of it Cough Cough on a track of course, depends on how much you weigh.
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  14. No mate, what Chris said above. Either bike is fine, but try a hills ride one day and you'll be blown away, you'll want to keep on going out all the time to find new places you've never seen before. Travel becomes fun, adventure, it's a new lease on life lol. Shit you'll even go out to get milk from down the road and be back 4 hrs later....
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  15. Oh I see! hahah yeah I've been working up to the twisties! The only guys I really know around this area that hit them though all have 600-1000cc bikes and are speed demons. I would view myself as more of a go for the fun of it, not go to push the limits and ride risky. Due to that I haven't really gone anywhere with anyone as I don't want to 'lag' behind doing the speed limit! But I may head out solo once I'm done with assignments these coming weeks on your advice!

    I do really enjoy riding, even around town its super fun. Some days its more of just a ride, where I tend to find myself looking for new ways to get to work/uni and riding my bike much harder. Just yet to hit the twisties.

    So either way, both bikes are capable? Its more personal preference at this point or do some of you value one over the other?

    Cheers for all the imput so far everyone! Been quite the welcoming experience! :)
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  16. I am going to take a different angle. The most you can loose with the Ninja is $3000 if you give it away in 3 years time. And I don't think that is going to happen. So there would be a good chance of getting something like $1,500 in 3 years time. Over the next 3 year that will work out to $500 a year. The 300 Ninja is a dam good bike, get up into the hilsl and learn how to make it dance.
    By the way welcome to NR.
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  17. Hi Lessthen3eeLessthen3ee and welcome to the forum :) welcome to a life long passion too! Very consuming but most most fun.

    Before you go on - which dealer offered you this KTM for that price? Action Motorcycles? If they were the ones, PM me. Sometimes something that 'good value' 2nd hand with 2 yrs warranty may not be the best. I have now had 3 Ktm Duke 390.
    2 of them were from that dealer and I had to get them to replace the bike(s) / the engine due problems after I took it for their first service onwards (n):yuck: Trouble to no end.

    Got the 3rd one from another dealer and not a single mechanical problem. :)(y)
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  18. if you're just using it to commute then may as well keep the ninja. if you want to use it also for weekend fun then definitely do the upgrade - you absolutely will not regret it.

    having a bike and only using it for city driving is such a shame as you are not seeing 50% of it's potential or capability. as chillibuttonchillibutton said, get out and ride it and that will give you the answer you seek.
  19. Hey man, nah wasn't action, it was Peter Stevens!

    And yeah well once I get out and about, I'll definitely be doing more riding other than just commuting. Is wind resistance an issue for naked bikes, or is it more something you just get used to?
  20. Phew! Well can't speak for Peter Stevens, but AM are atrocious.
    Where are you based?

    All naked bikes will feel more of the wind turbulence than when compared with a faired bike. But you get used to it generally. Unless you're doing long touring or heaps of hwy work it may be a mum point. :)