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Noob Seeks Same

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jerryx4, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. Hey guys,
    I'm pretty much a total noob. Had clutchless farm bikes when younger and a scooter during my school years 10 years ago other than that no bike experience. Cars however have been my life until now. Shifted from NZ to Aus 9 years ago & got a turbo TX3, poured my life into it then a taxi saw its demise so got a tough as vitara 4x4 to spice up. Now the zooks on big tyres and such a bike is a great R&R tool for running about to keep the Zook good for the bush & light running around.
    I was proactively looking for a bike then stepped into Yamaha in the city.... Bang looky here a NEW YZF-R15 for $3490... Hmm I study into this for awhile & oh its beaut so grabbed myself 1 & a mate got one too.
    So this is now at home & getting my license this coming Sat.
    Have had such shit weather last week but managed to putt around the car park at my apartment to get the feel of things & so far having a great time.
    Looking forward to adventures to come :)
    Me & bike in Avatar

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  2. i shall not post
  3. Welcome Jerry, I see Uncle Greg has introduced himself :) He is one of the more "colourful" characters around the place. ;)
  4. he means that uncle greg is gay.
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  5. speak for you're self dude
  6. tried that once, wasn't much to say...pretty boring chap i am.
  7. lol Hai....
    So what is uncle Greg grumpy with? My inexperience? Old love of drift/track/rally/drag cars or the R15?
    I haven't been on the road yet before licence if that's the quarm Captn Greg.
    Either way shouldn't be too much of a menace there, I've been driving cars tractors & other various units since I was 10 & had my licence since 15 then was in the airforce for a bit soon after so I'm no city fairing shiny pants homo.
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  8. just thought it was funny same seeking same lol
  9. ITS NOOB SEEKING SAME! ya Kent! I'm no boy chaser!
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  11. Welcome mate :)
  12. @Uncle Greg was hoping you were a chick so he can hug you.

    Some say he will hug you regardless.
  13. Anyone else read it as "crutch less"?
  14. hey babe
  15. Giggity giggity
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  16. oh yeah i forgot to tell you,I AM HOT
  17. Cold showers or cold spoons fix that
  18. That sentence doesn't even make sense, dude....Speak for you are self dude, what?
  20. I knew this thread would end with a pregnancy
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