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Noob riding blogs FTW

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by annastasia, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    Just read Raids newbie blog and thought it was great.

    I think a blog is a great idea, I started writing my own personal diary a few months ago bout my bike learning experiences and thoughts, it was just a personal thing but my husband suggested I start a blog so our family could check it out, so I did.

    It's good to get stuff off your chest and I found the blog good for that, tho I've had no feedback which is where a good forum would come in handy, but I just dont feel confident bout talking bout my noob stuff in public forums .. hence the blog ... I'd like to share it with you all just because I think maybe some people might get that feeling of 'oh yeah I've been there' and others might even have some feedback for me. If ya have comments please do it !!! either here or there, I'll see it and love it :D

    It doesnt have any technical stuff in it, and ya aren't gonna learn anything from it, I'm a learner eh... it's just really full of thoughts I have bout my rides.

    Might be interesting to some, others might think it's a waste of space .. either way here's a link for those of you interested ..


    I'm not sure if this is the place to post this but if it isnt just delete/move wateva ...

  2. I think blogs are an awesome idea to put memories on print. You can look back on to posts and remember how things were in the past and how you have grown as an individual.

    Well done. Keep at it though. Easy to leave blogs unattended and then they look like ghost sites.
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  3. I like it, thanks for putting it up! Nice bike too :D
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  4. Thanks :)

    Yep hubby predicted I'd stick to it for a week, I've done it for a couple months now (some of it was backdated) .. so I'm pretty proud of myself and hope I'll keep it up, tis good to look back on it, as I did after posting this thread. First time I've read thru it all and it's interesting, even at this point, how I've changed.

    Thanks Tahlia :D

    P.S. I love reading this stuff so if anyone else has some interesting blogs links please !!! =D>

    P.P.S Just had a bit of a look at your blog theforce...Nice bike!!! And cute baby :angel:
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  5. I really enjoy the new riders' blogs and threads. I think they're great for other new riders out there, so as not to feel so alone in the nervousness and ridiculous noob mistakes we all make. I know they gave me some comfort and tips when I was getting around with the Ls on.

    I think there's a lot to be learned from others' new observations and experiences for new, and more experienced riders too. Keep it up I say! (y)
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  6. Thanks, I love my little beast! :D

    This bike has made my learning experience very enjoyable, it's very easy to ride and it's nice and light which helps, I'm only 5ft1. 8-[
  7. Sweet you're one of the few people wot's shorter than me !!

    I'm 5'2" :p
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  8. I think I'm 5ft2 with my riding boots on :LOL:
  9. You win !!! [​IMG]

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