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noob questions about buying parts

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by matressking, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    first of all I've tried searching these question but i can't find specific answers.
    Is it common to be able to but parts for say another model suzuki that will fit an across?

    When i bought the across one of the things I heard was that it was easy to get parts. But I'm looking for a right indicator and haven't gotten any responses from findapart which seems to reach quite a few places.

    For something like a rear brake lever, are they all pretty much the same or specific to each bike?

    FINALLY! Any recommendations on how or where to go about getting parts for older bikes? I've searched the preferred partners but not really getting anywhere
  2. Try a Suzuki dealer, preferably one near you. They can tell you if parts are common to a few models, should expand your search area.

    Hell, you could maybe even get them to order new parts in if you like! At least get the prices so you don't get ripped off on second hand parts.

  3. Cheers mate.
    Just called Action is the city (Sydney).
    $125 for a rear brake lever...is that normal!?
  4. Always worth checking the dimensions and seeing what universal or other parts will fit - things will be interchangeable, though less so as you move away from UJMs (Universal Japanese Motorcycle). The wreckers are good for new parts - aftermarket, universal - so taking the bikes there can be worthwhile...

    You'll pay top dollar if you take this approach. Again, are there universal levers that will fit? Take the bike in, or the lever with a good sense of where it needs to fit and move...
  5. Yeah, I wouldn't pay that, but now you've got a bench mark.

    Keep that price to yourself when you're ringing around though (unless it's higher, then tell them what for), or the $45 dollar a/m brake lever may become a $95 dollar a/m brake lever! :)
  6. Try searching some online stores and try overseas ones too. I just bought a replacement exhaust system for a GN250. I was cheaper to have it delivered to my door from http://www.wemoto.com (a UK store) than to get the genuine part from a suzuki dealer. I even added to the order the exhaust gaskets, a speedo cable, plus for my other bike iridium plugs, oil filter and air filter. Total cost delivered was AU$426 as opposed to $470 for just the exhaust. Pretty quick delivery too. I ordered late wednesday night and it all arrived on monday morning.

    Just remember to check what currency prices are in and what they do about sales tax. Wemoto lists price in pounds and including 17.5% VAT. They take the VAT off at checkout for non European Union customers
  7. Suzukis are particularly good at having interchangeable parts.

    With indicators, you might be better off getting a set of 4 aftermarket indicators.

    Be prepared to pay at least twice the equivalent car part for any given bike part.

    Bike wreckers these days are too dear.

    Don't forget overseas sources.
  8. it's taken a little while but the rear brake levers from the gsx600f and gsx750f seem to fit. Got one on ebay for 10 pounds from the UK

    forgive my ignorance here. do you mean aftermarket parts made specifically for my model? or i suppose some compatible model
  9. Go to MCAS. They'll have two packs of generic indicators for $20 & up They won't be the same as your standard ones. Chances are you'll find ones that you prefer to you own.
  10. Ah right, and theoretically I should just be able to fit them on any bike?


    I'll give it a go. cheers!